Summer in Dompu, this is the cooling oasis that residents are looking for


Summer is rolling in Dompu, NTB. Well, there is one destination that is targeted by local residents. The destination like a cooling oasis is called Sori Nae. Curious?

Many NTB residents spend time on vacation with family or with colleagues. Various tourist locations are options to spend time. One of them is Sori Nae tourism in Saneo Village, Woja District, Dompu Regency, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB).

This summer, Sori Nae tourism is a hot spot for summer holidays. Why not, this tourist spot is a natural river tour surrounded by beautiful forests because its location is in the middle of the forest so it becomes an alternative choice.

“We are better off here because the nature is beautiful, the atmosphere is beautiful and the water is very cold,” said one visitor, Zaenal, Sunday (31/7/2022).

Zaenal admitted that he came all the way from Mbawi Village, Dompu District. He and his colleagues chose Sori Nae because they wanted to enjoy the natural atmosphere of the forest on the edge of the city which is still preserved.

“It’s just boring if you go to the beach for example. Here you can relax, it’s not too hot and you can breathe fresh air,” he said.

Sori Nae DestinationsSori Nae Destinations Photo: Faruk Nickyrawi/detikTravel

The same thing was conveyed by another visitor, Rizal Bachtiar. He chose Sori Nae as his tourist location because of its easy access which is usually used by all types of vehicles.

“In addition to being close, the roads are also well paved all the way to the parking lot. Earlier I came using a motorcycle,” said Rizal.

To note, the location of Sori Nae is not far from the center of Dompu City. It only takes about 30 minutes which you have to travel by vehicle to arrive at the location.

Sori Nae DestinationsSori Nae Destinations Photo: Faruk Nickyrawi/detikTravel

There is no need to worry about the facilities, because they are already available, from parking lots, bathrooms to changing clothes. There is no need to spend anything to be able to enjoy Sori Nae tourism, because it is managed by the village government and is free for anyone.

However, at this tourist location no one sells food so it is hoped that visitors who will visit this tourist spot bring their own from home.

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