Supporters Appreciate Erick Thohir’s Efforts to Save Indonesian Football

CHAIRMAN of the Persib Bandung (Viking) supporters group Heru Joko appreciated the government’s efforts through Erick Thohir who was able to save Indonesian football from the threat of FIFA sanctions. According to Heru, Erick Thohir through his network in world football has pushed for reform of Indonesian football after the Kanjuruhan tragedy which resulted in the death of more than one hundred supporters.

“Thanks to the government through Mr. Erick Thohir who has lobbied FIFA so that Indonesian football can be safe from the threat of FIFA sanctions. We must take advantage of this opportunity as best we can to improve Indonesian football in the future,” said Heru when contacted Monday (10/10). ).

Heru added that Erick Thohir’s lobby not only saved Indonesia from sanctions, but also fundamentally improved national football. Because FIFA will directly participate in education and system improvement related to the implementation of matches. “What Erick did was cool. We have to follow the instructions from FIFA,” said Heru.

Through lobbying, Erick Thohir, who represented the Indonesian government, succeeded in inviting FIFA to directly participate in managing Indonesian football. FIFA President Gianni Infantino will even visit Indonesia to lead the FIFA mission.

One of FIFA’s missions is to provide education to all national football stakeholders to organize a safe and professional competition system. Not only that, FIFA outlines rules regarding the hours of football matches that should not be too late. This is what is suspected to be one of the causes of the Kanjuruhan Tragedy.

Heru assessed that Erick Thohir did understand the detailed steps to create a healthy competition system. Besides being experienced in the professional world, Erick Thohir’s network in world football is considered to have an important role.

“Erick has experience with world clubs and thank God he succeeded in lobbying FIFA. Thank you for the government’s willingness to step in directly so that we lovers of Indonesian football have hope to continue watching national football and see fundamental improvements in the competition,” said Heru.

According to Heru, so far soccer competition is not just a sport. However, the national football competition has proven to be able to turn the economy at the grassroots level. As a result, saving national football from sanctions also means saving many small economic actors whose lives depend on the pulse of the League 1 competition. (RO/OL-14)