Supporters Rage and Burn the H Dimurthala Stadium in Aceh

A number of spectators went berserk because the match between Persiraja Banda Aceh versus PSMS Medan was postponed. They set fire to a number of facilities at the H Dimurthala Stadium in Lampineung, Aceh, because they were disappointed that the match was canceled due to the stadium lights turning off before the match on Monday (5/9) night.

“Earlier, the audience was disappointed because the stadium lights went out. After it was announced that it was cancelled, the crowd set fire to the facilities in the stadium,” said a spectator named Azis Awee in the stadium arena.

The crowd first burned the sponsor board, then the goal nets, benches, to the stands.

The crowd’s action started to get out of hand after the organizers officially announced the match was postponed and rescheduled, while tickets would be made free.

After the announcement, some of the spectators left the stadium, but others went on a rampage to burn the stadium facilities belonging to the Banda Aceh City Government. Persiraja Banda Aceh hosted PSMS Medan on Monday 5 September.

The Indonesian League 2 match, which will be held at the H Dimurthala Stadium in Banda Aceh, is scheduled to kick off at 20.30 WIB.

However, because the stadium lights went out about 5 minutes before the match, the match was postponed.

So far, the Persiraja management has not provided any information regarding the stadium lights being turned off, but news circulated that the lights were out due to a faulty engine.

Currently, three firefighting units are on standby in front of the H Dimurthala Stadium, but have not been able to enter. (OL-8)