Suzuki Motor Ready to Contact the Insurance when the Driver Accident


The best service is the key to success for automotive manufacturers to win the hearts of automotive lovers. Aware of this, Suzuki UK also held a program that can provide a sense of security and comfort when the driver experiences a disaster such as an accident and loss.

Quoted by visordown, Suzuki UK released an interesting program that might be imitated by automotive industry players in Indonesia. This program, called the New Accident Aftercare program, allows Suzuki to participate directly or directly assist the driver when the driver has an accident or loses the unit.

But how does this program work? This program is explained to provide motorists with a single contact who will play a role in helping drivers with all the things they need when experiencing an accident.

It’s not just a matter of providing the riders with comfort in knowing what damage the rider has suffered, Suzuki will also contact the insurance company or arrange a vehicle service schedule at an authorized Suzuki dealer, and so on so that consumers don’t have to bother with all their needs so they don’t feel disadvantaged.

Rows of Suzuki Motorcycles that appear at the 2019 Tokyo Motor ShowRows of Suzuki Motorcycles that appeared at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show Photo: Suzuki

This free service for all Suzuki motorcycle users in the UK is explained to be valid for 24 hours and this program also applies to motorists who experience loss.

“The entire claim, recovery and repair process will be handled on behalf of the owner. Suzuki First will also be there if the motorbike is stolen,” said Suzuki spokesman Jacob Lewis.

How cool detikers is not it? Everything will be taken care of by the manufacturer when we experience a disaster.

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