Taste Vegetable Pork, This Muslim Journalist Feels Guilt to Nausea


Vegetable meat products aka vegan ‘meat’ are now emerging, including Impossible Pork aka ‘pork’ made from plants. This Muslim journalist tasted Impossible Pork and expressed his feelings.

For the sake of products that are healthier and more environmentally friendly, various vegan meat products are now appearing. One of the largest producers, Impossible Foods from the United States.

They continue to enrich their products. In September 2021, Impossible Foods introduced Impossible Pork, a vegan meat that mimics the texture and taste of real pork.

This product is touted as an alternativepork‘ which can be consumed by Muslims because it does not contain haram ingredients. However, in Singapore, this product still cannot get a halal certificate because its shape and nature resembles haram food.

Even so, there are some Muslims who are still interested in tasting vegetable ‘pork’. One of them is Abrar Al Heeti, a Muslim woman journalist from CNET. He shared this interesting experience (4/11/2021).

Vegan Pork Starts to Become a Restaurant Menu, Here's What It Feels LikePlant-based pork when processed into a tantalizing dish in Singapore. Photo: Asia One/Facebook/City Nomads

“This felt so wrong. My hands were shaking and doubts started to enter my mind. I fought the doubts and bit into them,” Abrar Al-Heeti said. At first he admitted that it was difficult to detect the taste of the meat because it was mixed with other ingredients that became the filling for the banh noodles.

“I took pieces of ‘pork’ to taste the original taste. The texture is chewy and similar to chicken, although there is a more savory and smoky taste,” he said. He ate a few bites of the sandwich, but felt guilty.

Abrar Al Heeti said the feeling arose because he is a Muslim who has never eaten pork, except in a few ‘accidents’ where he accidentally ate pork such as bacon or pepperoni.

In general, he felt that his experience of eating this plant-based ‘pork’ made it difficult for his brain and stomach to digest. “About 15 minutes after I ate it, I felt a little nauseous that I couldn’t eat as usual until a few hours later,” continued Abrar Al Heeti.

He admits that he is fully aware that the doubts and discomforts that arise are only in his head, just like when he tried the Impossible Burger where the beef patty was replaced with vegan ‘meat’.

The Muslim journalist continued, “I imagine the discomfort comes from consuming something unusual. But this time (tasting Impossible Pork) there was an added element of eating something forbidden, which in the end didn’t suit me.”

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