Tesla Model I (Indonesia)? When Elon Musk is asked about cheap electric cars for RI


CEO of Tesla Inc. Elon Musk, was virtually present at the Bali G20 Summit. Elon was a speaker at the B20 Summit Indonesia series of events. In his statement, Elon revealed Tesla’s plan to make a cheap electric car so that it could be reached by more consumers.

Currently the price of Tesla’s electric car is still too expensive. The ‘cheapest’ Tesla Model 3 variant alone costs around 48,190 USD (Rp. 749 million), up to 64,190 USD (Rp. 997 million). After entering Indonesia, the price of the Tesla Model 3 broke above IDR 1 billion.

Prestige Motorcars reintroduced its line up of environmentally friendly vehicles.  This time the car brought by the general importer is a Tesla Model 3.Tesla Model 3 Photo: Pradita Utama

So, during the B20 Summit Indonesia discussion, a participant asked Elon Musk’s opinion about cheap electric cars. He asked about the possibility of Tesla making a cheap electric car and named it the Tesla Model I, for ‘Indonesia’ or ‘India’.

In his response, Elon Musk could not talk much about Tesla’s future products, but Musk realized that Tesla, as an electric car maker, saw the need to make an affordable EV (Electric Vehicle).

“Yeah, I can’t talk too much about Tesla’s future product development, except to say that we think making vehicles that much more affordable would make a lot of sense. And we have to do something about it,” Musk said.

Elon Musk did not mention the price or specifications of this affordable electric car, but according to speculation circulating in the EV community, an affordable Tesla electric car is likely to be in the range of 25,000 USD or the equivalent of Rp. 388 million.

Even though it will be cheap later, it is hoped that Tesla will not cut out the superior features that are typical of Tesla, such as airbags, then active safety systems and passive safety systems.

In Indonesia alone, electric cars priced at IDR 300 million have proven to be favored by the market because they can still be reached by many consumer segments. The Wuling Air ev electric car, for example, with a price range of IDR 200 million-IDR 300 million, this tiny electric car has been ordered around 5,000 units in just 3 months since it was first introduced.

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