TGIPF Suspects Someone Forced the Night Match

The Joint Independent Fact-Finding Team (TGIPF) smelled an indication that there were parties who forced the Arema FC match against Persebaya to be held at night. TGIPF questioned that the high-stakes match would still be held at night despite the local police’s recommendation to hold it in the afternoon.

“There was a letter from the police chief requesting that it be carried out in the afternoon and then PT LIB asked it to be carried out at night. If it was rejected, why did the police lose and they had to continue at night,” said TGIPF member Rhenald Kasali at the office of the Coordinating Ministry for Political, Legal and Security Affairs, Jakarta , Monday (10/10).

Arema’s match schedule, after which riots broke out and claimed hundreds of victims, was also in the spotlight of TGIPF. Rhenald said that based on the team’s findings regarding the match schedule, there were anomalies that would be investigated further.

He added that TGIPF had spoken to the footballers and they had also complained about the night schedule. Rhenald suspects that certain strong parties will have a hand in determining the schedule.

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“We also question why there are indications, why it is night. Most likely there are certain parties who have the power to keep it at night,” said Rhenald, who is still reluctant to reveal it clearly.

“We can’t say it even though the brothers can smell it,” he added.

Related to this, Rhenald heard information that there might be a nightly match schedule to accommodate cigarette advertisements whose broadcast hours were limited. TGIPF will also ask for information from PT LIB as the league operator and also PSSI.

“We will call everyone. PT LIB will come, PSSI will be summoned tomorrow and a number of parties related to this,” he said. (OL-4)