The bathhouse that BJ Habibie once visited is now abandoned


Former president BJ Habibie once visited the natural tourism area and the Toli-Toli Checkdam. But that was then, now this tourist destination is neglected.

The destination is located in Wawobungi Village (the expansion of Toli-Toli Village) Lalonggasumeeto District, Konawe Regency, Southeast Sulawesi (Sultra). This destination has been neglected for 20 years, neglected.

Whereas in the past, this once popular tourist destination was visited by the 3rd President of the Republic of Indonesia BJ Habibie. Actually, this tourist facility was built in 1985, when H. Alala was still the Governor of Southeast Sulawesi.

The Toli-Toli checkdam began operating in 1991, to be precise. This bath was very famous, especially in the era of the 1990s. Unfortunately, this destination has been neglected since 2002.

The natural bath, which is located just below the foot of Mount Peak, Osu Labaga, is now a story. After passing through the gate, the traveler will pass through a road that used to be semi-asphalt, but is now damaged and only chunks of asphalt remain.

Checkdam Toli-toli natural tourism bath.Abandoned Toli-toli Cekdam Baths Photo: Nadhir Attamimi

Then to the left of the entrance, there is a two-story villa building. However, the situation is worrisome. Some parts of the villa have been damaged, the doors have fallen off.

Ceilings collapsed and the walls of the building had started to crack. The villa was once used to facilitate important guests and was rented by tourists who wanted to stay.

The concrete road made to the bathing location and the stairs going up in the bathing area are actually still in pretty good condition. However, the grass has grown wild to cover the area completely.

BJ Habibie’s footsteps in the Toli-toli check dam

The Governor of Southeast Sulawesi at that time, Alala seemed serious about building the natural bathing area. When Bacharuddin Jusuf Habibie was still Suharto’s vice president, he visited the Toli-Toli check dam.

“In 1991 BJ Habibie came to see the Cekdam natural area and put his signature in the form of an inscription,” said former Toli-Toli Village Head H. Sudin Laronga, who served from 1966-1998.

Sub-dept. Laronga witnessed the hope of BJ Habibie at that time who wanted to develop the world of tourism in the area. At that time, BJ Habibie ordered Governor Alala to maintain and promote the natural baths so that they could progress and develop for the welfare of the people of Toli-Toli and its surroundings.

“He came to see tourism, he wanted it to develop in the future,” he explained.

Sub-dept. Laronga still remembers exactly when the number two person arrived in Indonesia at that time. People flocked to visit the natural baths, while witnessing the figure of BJ Habibie.

“In the past, there were a lot of people watching when BJ Habibie came,” he said.

However, the BJ Habibie inscription has also been neglected. Apart from being damaged, wild plants have surrounded it. He revealed that if the natural area was not taken care of again, then there would only be a story that in that place there used to be a favorite natural bathing area that had the BJ Habibie inscription.

“We all hope that this place can be managed properly again,” he said.

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