The Beauty of Sayang Heulang Beach to the Exotic Sand Dunes


Sayang Heulang Beach is a pity to miss if a traveler is in Garut. There is a vast desert dune!

This beach is located in Mancagahar Village, Pameungpeuk District, Garut Regency, West Java. Travelers enjoy the beach atmosphere, including going up to the viewing tower, taking pictures on the lower deck and watching the waves crash without fear of getting wet.

In addition, tourists can also walk along the beach which has sand by passing a stretch of purple flowers that propagate from the beach to the beach. Well, if the traveler is tired, there are many gazebos or huts available.

The view of Sayang Heulang Beach which stretches widely is so beautiful. This place is a mix of sand dunes and blue beaches that are so exotic.

Magnificent and beautiful rocks are no less interesting to see on this beach. No need to worry about hunger, there are many snacks that a traveler can try around the beach.

Well, travelers who want to stay overnight, there are lodgings or rooms across from the beach. So, just walking a few steps, a traveler can enjoy a beautiful sunrise or sunset in the afternoon.

South Garut does not only have Santolo and Rancabuaya. Located 90 km from the city of Garut, Sayang Heulang Beach has a tourist spot dubbed ‘Sahara van Garut’. Photo: Hakim Ghani/detikcom

Still in the area of ​​Sayang Heulang Beach, precisely on Tungtung Karang Beach there is ‘Sahara van Garut’. At first glance this place looks like Parangkusumo in Bantul DIY. There is a sand dune that is so charming.

The white sand that stretches out is so beautiful. If you take pictures at the right angle, tourists can look like in the middle eastern desert.

Reportedly, this tourist attraction has been renovated so that it is more modern and competitive. There are new rides and facilities. Meanwhile, road repairs to the planned location are also being carried out.

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