The Deadliest Place for Divers, Filled with Bones


These waters are touted as the most dangerous places for divers. The area is known as the ‘diver’s grave’.

Reported from IFL Science, a beautiful body of water off the coast of Dahab, Egypt has a large hole area that stretches more than 100 meters deep into the interior of the Red Sea. This hole is called the Red Sea Blue Hole or the Red Sea Blue Hole.

This Blue Hole area is very beautiful. Surrounded by coral reefs and fish that live around it. This area is also equipped with beautiful arches like the arches in the cathedrals.

The beauty of these waters is very attractive to divers. Unfortunately, this water area is very dangerous.

Many divers have died in the Blue Hole area. Making this location known as Diver’s Cemetery or Divers’ Grave.

Recorded there are 40 divers who died in this area. However, it is estimated that the original number reached up to 200 deaths.

Around the Blue Hole area there are commemorative plaques placed around the Blue Hole entrance area. This plaque is a symbol of respect for those who died while trying to explore the hole that contains the underwater cave.

Until now the exact reason why the Blue Hole became the deadliest place for divers is still unknown. However, it is thought that one of the causes is the geological structure of the inside of this hole.

The area to enter the Blue Hole is only 6 meters, this entry is called “the saddle”. This area is very close off the coast of Dahab. The depth of the ‘entrance’ of this Blue Hole is 120 meters.

Inside the Blue Hole there is a tunnel known as “the Arch”. The length of this tunnel is 55 meters to the seabed. This tunnel has a height of 65 meters from the roof to the bottom of the tunnel with a width of 26 meters long. This tunnel is described as a cathedral under the sea.

Collage about famous diving site - Blue Hole in Dahab, Egypt with underwater world.  Corals and fishes of Red sea.  Map of a diving routeIllustration of the inside of a Blue Hole. Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto/Marina113

Although known as the deadliest location, the beauty of the Blue Hole is still popular and attracts many curious divers. Unfortunately, many of these curiosity ends in death.

One of those who managed to explore the Blue Hole was Tarek Omar. He is a technical driver from Dahab. He started exploring the Blue Hole in 1992.

In 1997 he started finding bodies in the area. Because of the many bodies he found and collected from the Blue Hole, Omar became known as the bone collector or bone collector.

Local divers and instructors speculated that the divers’ deaths were caused by a lack of knowledge and experience in exploring “the arch” tunnels.

Because the entrance of the tunnel is difficult to find. So if the diver doesn’t manage to get into the tunnel and continue to dive to the bottom of the Blue Hole. Then they will experience nitrogen narcosis or the “martini effect” which can cause physical and mental disorders, similar to the effects of alcohol.

Then even if they managed to enter the tunnel, they would need to swim against the current to the surface. So it is not uncommon for divers to run out of oxygen before making it out of the underwater tunnel.

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