The Engravers of History at MotoGP Mandalika 2022


A lot of history was created after the first Pertamina Grand Prix of Indonesia was held at the Mandalika Circuit. Names such as Miguel Oliveira, Somkiat Chantra, Dennis Foggia to Mario Aji are also listed as part of the history of the inaugural title at the Mandalika MotoGP.

Miguel Oliveira. Photo: AP/Achmad Ibrahim

Miguel Oliveira is the first winner of the 2022 Mandalika MotoGP. This is not the first time Oliviera has managed to conquer a new circuit. In MotoGP records, the Portuguese racer also became the winner in the 2020 Portimao series.

Apart from Oliveira, the Thai racer Somkiat Chandra also made history after winning the Moto2 race. This achievement made Chantra the first Thai rider to win a Grand Prix race. Chantra’s performance is spectacular.

Thailand's rider Somkiat Chantra of IDEMITSU Honda team Asia celebrates victory after winning the Moto2 Pertamina Grand Prix of Indonesia at Pertamina Mandalika Circuit in Mandalika, Lombok Island, Indonesia, Sunday, March 20, 2022.(AP Photo/Achmad Ibrahim)Somkiat Chantra became the first Thai racer to win a Grand Prix. Photo: AP/Achmad Ibrahim

Chantra led the race from the first corner. The Idemitsu Honda Team Asia racer then managed to maintain his position to become the Moto2 champion at the Pertamina Mandalika International Street Circuit.

In the Moto3 class, that history was carved by Dennis Foggia. Foggia who defended Leopard Racing Honda became the fastest during the second series race at Mandalika. The 21-year-old racer managed to sprint to become the first winner of Moto3 Mandalika.

Besides Foggia, Indonesian racer Mario Suryo Aji also made his name in the history of the Moto3 Mandalika race. Mario Aji is the first Indonesian racer to be able to finish in 14th place while picking up his first points in the 2022 Moto3 racing season.

Not only good at racing, Mario Aji is also a foodie who likes to eat snacksMario Aji picks his first points in Moto3 Mandalika. Photo: Instagram @mariosuryoaj1

Previously in the qualifying session, Mario Aji also performed brilliantly because he started the race from the front row, precisely in third position. Unfortunately, during the race, Aji’s position continued to decline and ended up in 14th position.

“This was not the result we wanted. But after the fifth lap I started to struggle with grip. Suddenly the rear tire felt worse and I had to manage it well,” said Aji quoted by Honda Racing page, Monday (21/3/2022).

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