The ‘Future’ Electric Bike Appears at IMOS 2022, The Price is IDR 75 Million!


PT Utomocorp officially introduced the Reevo hubless electric bicycle at the Indonesia Motorcycle Show or IMOS 2022 exhibition, Wednesday (2/11/2022). Vehicles with the concept of the future are deliberately presented to consumers with money.

Utomocorp’s Sales & Network Development Manager, Irvan Yuniardi said, although it has been officially introduced, the Reevo sophisticated bicycle has not yet been sold in Indonesia. It’s just that, according to him, interested consumers can do it booking fee.

“Officially it’s not for sale yet, but if you’re interested you can booking fee IDR 5 million from now. It is possible that sales and deliveries will start next year,” said Irvan during the product introduction at the IMOS 2022 exhibition, Central Jakarta.

The Reevo electric bike uses a unique and unusual frame. The vehicle is not equipped with spokes on the wheels and chains as motion components. If you look at it from afar, the design resembles a silhouette with full curves.

Reevo hubless electric bike at IMOS 2022.Reevo hubless electric bicycle at IMOS 2022. Photo: Septian Farhan Nurhuda /

In addition to digowes, this sophisticated bicycle can go like a motorbike. The manufacturer provides it with a 750 W electric motor with a 48 V battery that can go up to a speed of 40 kilometers per hour. While the charging time from zero to 100 percent takes 3 hours.

Reevo is equipped with a motion sensor that can detect day and night. When it’s dark, the light on the bike will turn on. Meanwhile, when it is bright, it automatically turns off. In addition, there is a GPS for directions and anti-theft warnings, then a USB socket is also available for charging mobile phones.

“To just turn on the bike, we have to fingerprint first, so it’s safe,” he said.

Reevo hubless electric bike at IMOS 2022.Reevo hubless electric bicycle at IMOS 2022. Photo: Septian Farhan Nurhuda /

As the name implies, the American-made hubless electric bicycle uses an e-drive powertrain that is directly connected to the inside of the wheels. Everything is connected and electrically connected.

Irwan said that Reevo electric bicycles do not have a definite price yet. However, according to him, it is in the range of Rp. 70-75 million. Although expensive, he is sure there will be fans.

“Their target buyers are from the upper class, those who are hobbyists or from young executives who like bicycles,” he said.