The Government Has No Authority to Evaluate PSSI

The GOVERNMENT does not have the authority to evaluate PSSI following the Kanjuruhan Tragedy which caused hundreds of people to die. Everything related to PSSI as a national football federation is regulated by a larger umbrella, namely the international federation of related sports.

“It is impossible for the government to get involved in this matter. For national federations, there are international federations. Well, we, the government, provide the best for Indonesian sports without interfering in the federation’s internal affairs,” said Youth and Sports Minister Zainudin Amali in Jakarta, Monday (10/10) .

Zainudin also emphasized that he would not be too involved in PSSI affairs, especially since the government is currently focusing on working on the settlement and handling of the victims of the Kanjuruhan Tragedy. “The government does not evaluate individuals. Just wait for the results of the independent joint team (TGIPF). We cannot give conclusions while this team is still working,” he said.

Asked why FIFA President Gianni Infantino actually sent a letter to President Joko Widodo, but not to PSSI, Zainudin considered it an extraordinary condition. He also assessed that the government could intervene against PSSI if there was direct permission from FIFA.

“If FIFA provides a way for that (intervention), it is possible. For now, FIFA has sent (a letter) directly to the President. Maybe this is considered an extraordinary one by FIFA. But we must be careful not to translate it according to what we want. The government has formed the TGIPF. Let the team work,” said the Menpora.

FIFA on October 5 sent a letter to President Joko Widodo discussing the Kanjuruhan tragedy and efforts to reform Indonesian football. There are five main points mentioned by FIFA in the letter, namely stadium safety standards, protocols and security procedures by the police, dialogue with clubs and supporters, match schedules, mentoring, and benchmarking. (Ant/OL-15)