The horrors of the old tomb of Manduk Patinna, the skull is more than Tana Toraja


In Enrekang Regency, South Sulawesi, there is an ancient cemetery that has thousands of human skulls neatly arranged, more than those in Tana Toraja.

This is the story of Patinna’s Old Tomb of Manduk. In this area are composed of thousands of skulls that are said to have been hundreds of years old. Manduk Patinna’s Old Tomb is located in Kadingeh Village, Baraka District, Enrekang.

The location is 2 kilometers from the village center, namely Dusun Dea Kaju. The location of his tomb in the forest makes visitors or tourists have to walk into the forest because there is no vehicle access.

When exploring the Old Tomb of Manduk Patinna, you can see that the tomb area is next to a high cliff. When entering the area the tomb guards tell some taboos that visitors or tourists should not do.

“So please pay attention before we enter this tomb, we must not speak harshly, hold skulls and do not joke excessively. This is out of respect for our ancestors,” said the tomb keeper, Yadukallan.

Enrekang Old TombEnrekang Old Tomb Photo: Rachmat Aradi/detikSulsel

Its location in the forest gives visitors a spooky impression. But the experience of exploring the tomb area is quite exciting and challenging. Upon entering the tomb area, rows of skulls, bones and ancient coffins that are neatly arranged are immediately visible.

Some of the photo spots are in the form of a bamboo bridge built by the village community’s self-help, adding to the aesthetics of the old dining room.

“There are thousands of skulls here. Maybe this is more than in Toraja,” said Yadukallan.

In addition to thousands of skulls and bones, residents of Kadingeh Village have also found tens of dozens of ancient coffins in the tomb area.

“Residents also had time to find heirlooms such as chopsticks for hunting, traditional combs made of bamboo, bracelets, and fragments of ancient plates. These are all stored in the village museum so that no one can take them,” he explained.

Once Sacred and Not To Be Visited

Yadukallan said the ancient tomb was found by residents decades ago. He said that in the past the forest area where the Old Manduk Patinna Tomb was held was very sacred by local residents.

“In the past, no one dared to enter. But because the condition of the tomb was apprehensive, residents tried to make it a tourist attraction. This is so that the historical value of the tomb and even Kadingeh Village is maintained,” he explained.

Not only that, Yadukallan pointed out that a few meters from the location of the old tomb there is the tomb of the first Muslim in Kadingeh Village named Nene Guru Tana Malea. According to him, Nene Guru Tana Malea was the first priest in Kadingeh Village.

“So there is also a tomb there, that’s Nene Guru Malea. The first priest in the village and the one who spread Islam in Enrekang. Now people often make pilgrimages to the tomb, usually when a vow is reached they go on a pilgrimage,” he explained.


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