The Hottest Baths in Bali, Water Temperature Up to 45 Degrees Celsius


In the Buleleng area, Bali there is a natural hot spring bath. Although the water temperature is very hot, many tourists come there.

Banyuwedang Hot Spring is located in Pejarakan Village, Buleleng. Unlike the hot springs which are generally located in the mountains, this bath is located on the edge of Banyuwedang Bay. Around the baths there are mangroves and you can see the sea view.

The Banyuwedang Hot Spring is often visited by tourists for relaxation. In addition, many also come for health reasons, for example to cure skin diseases and rheumatism.

Banyuwedang Hot Spring Operations Manager Komang explained that the water here does contain sulfur. That’s why many people come for health.

“The benefits are many for health, therapy, and healing skin diseases such as itching, allergies. For rheumatism, there are many health therapies here,” he said.

Banyuwedang Hot SpringBanyuwedang Hot Springs. Photo: Putu Intan/detikcom

Besides containing sulfur, the water in Banyuwedang Hot Springs is also known to be hot. Komang said this bath is the hottest in Bali with water temperatures reaching 45 degrees Celsius.

“Banyuwedang is also one of the hot spring tourist destinations and the only hottest one in Bali,” he said.

To stay safe, tourists are advised to soak a maximum of 15 minutes and then go ashore. This is to prevent dehydration or nausea from inhaling sulfur gas. After that, bathing activities can be done again.

Tourists who come to Banyuwedang are charged an entrance ticket of Rp. 20 thousand for adults and Rp. 10 thousand for children. They can enjoy soaking or swimming in the two pools provided.

Banyuwedang Hot Spring is open every day except Nyepi Day, starting at 07.00-19.00 WITA.

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