The Hyundai Stargazer is getting more real, will it become a candidate for a million people’s car?


The appearance of the Hyundai Stargazer is increasingly visible. After Hyundai Motors Indonesia (HMID) released the Stargazer teaser photos, it was the turn of the Hyundai Stargazer teaser video which was published on their official Youtube channel. Will this car be the vehicle for the next million people?

The Stargazer teaser video was uploaded on the Hyundai Motor Indonesia Youtube channel on June 18, 2022. In this 15-second video, we can clearly see the silhouette of the side body of the Stargazer, including the headlights and taillights that are lit.

Especially in the side body area, the design is quite sporty with the pull of the front side body line and the rear side body. The glass pillars are quite wide and large, and have adopted a sporty shark fin model antenna.

Netizens who saw the Hyundai Stargazer teaser video also expressed their comments, which were mostly positive.

Wow, a million people car candidate,” said the account @Chr**.

Min, the price is under 300 million so that it sells more,” said @anli susan**.

When the Avanza Xenia Veloz was too mainstream, it was used as an office ops car with stickers like that.. I’ve seen it turn into a steering course car.. And the Xpander, which is already rich in cendol, makes you tired of seeing it.. Hopefully this will be the coolest alternative and worth it,” said the account @ricky ****.

Hyundai StargazerHyundai Stargazer Photo: Doc. Hyundai Motors Indonesia (HMID)

For information, the Hyundai Stargazer is designed as a vehicle with an attractive appearance as well as a solution to road conditions in Indonesia. This car uses the Sleek One Box typology concept with a one curve design that creates an aerodynamic profile giving the impression of a spacious interior.

Horizontal DRL on the Hyundai Stargazer makes the front view more attractive. Considering Indonesia as a country located on the equator, Hyundai applies the design language through this DRL Horizontal Light. At the rear, this MPV is also decorated with a Distinctive H Rear Lamp which emphasizes that the Stargazer is a product of Hyundai, even though it looks from a distance.

In addition, the symmetrical H lamp symbolizes balance, unity, and harmony that connects Indonesia from the East to the West. The design demonstrates Hyundai’s innovation in combining technology and emotional values.


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