The JORR Toll Road in the Serpong direction is clogged with water, this is the risk of the car breaking through to the flood


PT Jasamarga reminds motorists who will use the JORR Pamulang toll road to Serpong to be more careful when crossing, due to the presence of puddles at the location which causes congestion on the W2S Pamulang toll road KM 07+600 – KM 09 and is advised to choose another alternative route. .

“08.36 WIB #Tol_JORR_W2S Pamulang KM 07+600 – KM 09 in the direction of Serpong SOLID, there is a puddle of water handling. USE ALTERNATIVE ROUTES,” wrote Jasa Marga on the official Twitter @PTJASAMARGA, Saturday (28/5/2022) morning.

This time detikOto again reminds detikers to be more careful when crossing puddles of water, because if you are determined to keep crossing it can make your vehicle experience a Water Hammer. So detikOto recommends that vehicle owners do not just break through the flood, or choose another route.

Head of Dealer Technical Support for PT Toyota-Astra Motor (TAM), Didi Ahadi said, there is a big risk when a car breaks through a flood, namely a symptom of a water hammer. If the car experiences these symptoms as a result of breaking through the flood, the repair costs are certainly not cheap.

Water hammer is a condition when water enters the combustion chamber and makes the engine burst. You see, water can not be compressed by the engine so that the piston handlebars can bend and even cause the cylinder to burst.

“Because water can’t be compressed. When the piston rises and is forced, the piston/conrod handlebars bend. At first it was bent. Over time (the piston handlebars) broke,” said Didi to some time ago.

According to him, when flood water enters the combustion chamber, the water hammer symptom may not occur immediately. There was a condition where the car experienced a water hammer some time after breaking through the flood. The initial symptom is that the engine feels rough.

The JORR toll road towards Serpong was flooded, Saturday (28/5/2022).The JORR toll road towards Serpong was flooded, Saturday (28/5/2022). Photo: The JORR Toll Road towards Serpong was flooded, Saturday (28/5/2022). (Photo: Screenshot of the viral video)

“Initially the engine was rough. There were many incidents when it flooded, suddenly it broke now, it could happen. At first the engine was rough, because after a long time the engine was forced to break,” said Didi.

If the engine is forced when there is water entering the combustion chamber that cannot be compressed, the worst risk is the engine bursting until the cylinder block bursts. The reason is, because the piston handlebars are bent, the piston handlebar fracture punched the cylinder wall so that the engine cylinder broke.

If it’s like that, the repair is certainly not cheap. The car has to get off the engine and needs to be replaced with a new engine if it wants to continue to be used. Besides being expensive, repairs also take a long time.

Stay careful when driving, dears.

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