The Meaning of the Letter E on the BBM Indicator, Turns Out Not ‘Empty’


Many think that the letter E on the fuel indicator panel for motorcycles and cars means Empty, aka empty. It’s not like that though.

The fuel indicator panels for cars and motorcycles have the letters F and E. In addition, generally there are illustrations that show how much fuel the fuel tank contains, either in the form of lines or digital bars.

If we fill the fuel to the brim, the needle or fuel indicator will point to the letter F. The letter F does have the meaning of full, aka full.

Meanwhile, if the fuel tank starts to run low, the indicator will go to the letter E. But this letter E does not mean Empty or empty. Quoted from Totalenergies, the letter E on the fuel tank indicator panel actually means Emergercy, or an emergency.

MT Haryono gas station, Jakarta, has started implementing the new normal protocol.  When refueling, drivers must keep their distance.Illustration of gasoline buyer Photo: Rifkianto Nugroho

If the indicator needle is already pointing at the letter E, then the situation is very precarious to immediately fill the fuel. Don’t delay, stop immediately and refuel as soon as you see a gas station.

In fact, when the indicator points to the letter E, the fuel tank is not completely empty. In general, the vehicle can still go up to several tens of km. Still quoted from the same source, the average car is still available 10% of the total maximum fuel capacity when the E indicator starts flashing.

This is done by the manufacturer so that the driver does not really run out of gas in the middle of the road, especially when traveling long distances.

So, instead of having to push the vehicle because it runs out of gas, you should fill your car or motorcycle with fuel before the indicator approaches the letter E.

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