The More Crowded At Night, These 5 Places To Eat Are Suitable For Evening Culinary


Not crowded in the morning or afternoon, some of these places to eat just get busy at night. The food menu offered is varied and suitable for evening culinary destinations.

Culinary choices at night are no less diverse and there are many places to eat that are open until the early hours of the morning. These places to eat have been known for a long time as a night culinary destination, which is delicious, cheap and the portions are not stingy.

But if you want to taste the food menu at this restaurant, you have to be patient and willing to stand in line. Because it’s getting darker instead of getting quieter, the visitors who come are actually getting more and more numerous.

Like the Nasi Goreng and Chicken Malaya tent stalls in Menteng which are always crowded at night. There’s a long line if you want to eat at a Japanese street stall, Renash in Muara Karang.

Here are some recommendations for places to eat that are getting busier at night.

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1. Our Warung 38

Chicken Penyet Chili Ijo Aa Sipit Viral at Grand Indonesia.  You can spend 50 kg of green chili a day and 1,000 pieces of chicken.Scrambled Chicken. Photo: detikFood/Yenny Mustika Sari

A trip to Mangga Besar, you will be presented with a variety of food vendors. From restaurants, street food stalls to moldy tent stalls. In the Taman Sari area, West Jakarta, there is one night culinary destination that is always crowded.

The name Warung Kita 38 is also known as the Big Mangga Pecok Chicken. Open from 10 am, Warung Kita 38 is located in a shophouse, but the front of the shop is a tent containing a variety of buffet dishes that visitors can choose from.

The mainstay menu is of course fried chicken with a mixture of fresh and spicy chili sauce and green chilies. Apart from fried chicken, other menus are available such as fish, catfish, seafood and stir-fried vegetables. The price range is from IDR 20,000 only.

2. Lombok Malayan Fried Rice and Chicken

Lombok Malayan Fried Rice and ChickenLombok Malayan Fried Rice and Chicken Photo: doc. detikFood

The location is at the T-junction of Jalan Lombok, Menteng. The carts are quite large, with simple plastic tables and chairs. Having been selling since 1985, this cart’s fried rice is still a hit until now. Even this place to eat is always targeted by many food vloggers who are curious about the taste.

It’s not that it’s only the afternoon, but as the evening progresses, the number of visitors and customers of this Malaya Lombok Chicken increases. Even though the line is long, you don’t have to worry, because the service and serving of food here is quite fast.

Of course the fried rice menu here is famous for the addition of ngohiong side dishes to Malayan chicken. For the choice of fried rice, there are crazy fried rice, mawut fried rice, sausage fried rice, goat fried rice, and slang fried rice. The price range is around Rp. 25,000 only.

3. Renash Japanese Food

Japan: Kriuk Savory Chicken Katsu Jumbo at Japanese Tent StallsJapanese Food Street Vendor Photo: detikcom/Riska Fitria

Besides Sopo Ngiro, which hit a few times ago as a culinary hit at night. There is Renash Japanese Food which also exists among street food lovers in Jakarta. The location of this tent stall is in Citra 2, Kalideres, West Jakarta.

It has been famous since 20 years ago and still consistently serves various types of Japanese food menu. The tent stall is quite spacious and the food choices are more.

The mainstay menu is the savory Beef Donburi. Then there is Yakisoba which is stir-fried with sliced ​​​​meat, egg and onions. Don’t miss the teppanyaki with a choice of beef or chicken. The price range is around IDR 30,000 per portion.

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