The Origin of Sop Saudara, Sulawesi’s Legendary Culinary


Sop Brothers, a culinary specialty of South Sulawesi (South Sulawesi) apparently comes from Pangkep Regency. Appeared in the central market, Makassar City in 1954.

The name Sop Saudara was H Abdullah’s idea when he founded his meat soup stall. Initially, he was a worker in a meat soup stall in the central market area, Makassar City around 1954.

At that time the soup stall was known as Sop Sentral. H Abdullah was an employee at the shop for 4 years, then decided to start his own meat soup business.

The originator of the soup brother, H Abdullah.The originator of the soup brother, H Abdullah. (Al Khoriah/detikSulsel)

“There is news that Senggol Market is about to open. I made the decision that I want to open my own business, selling there at night. That’s where I started selling,” said H Abdullah to

At that time, he decided not to use a trade name like the stall where he worked before. From here he assembled and coined the name Sop Saudara, which means “I am Pangkep Saudara”.

H Abdullah said that the use of the word Saudara-dalam up Saudara- was taken because he, who is a nomad from Pangkep Regency, considered everyone in Makassar City, at that time Ujung Pandang, to be brothers.

In addition to giving the trade name Sop Saudara, H Abdullah also updated the recipe mix that he learned from the previous stall. By adding other parts of the beef, such as pieces of intestine, lungs, and heart into the soup dish. In addition, he also re-mixed the sauce seasoning to make it more suitable.

“That’s just a fabrication, because we are Pangkep people, Sop Saudara stands for ‘I am Orang Pangkep Saudara’. So that’s where the next name was taken until now. I myself came up with the name Sop Brother. everyone in this city is all brothers and sisters,” he explained.


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