The racer says about the rear tail on Ducati: it’s funny to look like a Pokemon


The Ducati Desmosedici GP motorcycle brought by Enea Bastianini and Jorge Martin has a new aerodynamic device on the rear tail. The new wing design on the back is said to be similar to the ancient animal Stegosaurus.

The new device was first used by Ducati in free practice sessions 1 and 2 at the Silverstone Circuit, England. Its unique shape also steals the public’s attention.

It is not clear what advantages this latest innovation from Ducati will provide, but the fact is that Enea Bastianini and Jorge Martin have not been able to penetrate the top five in yesterday’s free practice session. Even so during the qualifying session, both of them started from positions 8 and 9.

Ducati Gresini Racing places the wing in the tail area of ​​the Ducati motorcycleDucati Gresini Racing places the wings in the tail area of ​​the Ducati motorcycle Photo: Gresini Racing

Bastianini admitted that he was surprised by the rear spoiler. But he found it difficult when he wanted to ride the motorcycle.

“I looked at the photos, it looks like a Pokemon. Nice, I like the design. When I first saw the wings, my reaction was, ‘Wow.’ It just makes it more difficult to ride a motorbike, after that it’s not bad,” Bastianini said as quoted by Speedweek, Saturday (6/8/2022).

“The feeling is good for now. Tomorrow we have to test it better and compare it with the normal variant. It is important to understand whether it is better or not. But my first impression is good, especially in the brakes are more stable. It doesn’t seem bad for the speed either,” added he.

The rear wing was also used by Jorge Martin. He has not been able to reveal the advantages of the latest innovations from Ducati. But he felt the bike was more difficult to maneuver.

“It feels a little bit more difficult in the change of direction and a little bit better on the straight. In the end this is a compromise, we still have to analyze whether it is better with or without wings,” he said.

The top of the MotoGP standings, Fabio Quartararo also commented on the shape of the rear wing of the Ducati motorcycle.

“It looks funny, a bit like Fast & Furious,” said Quartararo, who smiled when asked.

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