The story of Soekarno who fell in love with the building in Palabuhanratu


The First President of the Republic of Indonesia Soekarno fell in love with a building that stood on a cliff overlooking Palabuhanratu Bay, Sukabumi Regency. But unfortunately, the building on an area of ​​approximately 1,500 square meters is already owned by Major Mantiri.

Major Mantiri made a villa called Vaya con Dios as his resting place. Meanwhile, Soekarno, who is also known to be capable of spirituality, felt that the place was suitable to be used as a resting place.

Not running out of ideas, Soekarno then bought a much larger land which was also on the beach and invited Mantiri to negotiate.

“Around 1954 Soekarno was walking around in the Citepus area looking for suitable locations, then his insight was suitable at this location. While coincidentally this land belonged to Major Mantiri, Bung Karno did not run out of ideas he bought the land next to his wider land and asked to be exchanged for bolsters with Major Mantiri. Because maybe seeing the wider land offered by Bung Karno, it was finally given after maybe Major Mantiri felt Bung Karno sincerely wanted this place, “said Irman Firmansyah, historical observer of the Chairman of the Dapuran Kipahare Foundation to detikJabar, Monday (19/9/2022) .

Construction began, quoted from the site The construction of the Tenjoresmi Pesanggrahan involved two Indonesian architects, FSSilaban and RM. Soedarsono. Pesanggrahan Tenjoresmi has a facade facing northeast.

From the front, this building looks like a one-story building. But when viewed from the sea (behind) this building has 3 levels, namely basement, 1st floor, and 2nd floor.

“The land that was exchanged for bolsters is now known as the Bayu Amrta Hotel, while this building has until now been given the name Pesanggrahan Tenjo Official or the Presidential Palace,” explained Irman.

“In this location too, in the historical records this place was used by Bung Karno to meet metaphysically with the ruler of the South Coast Nyai Roro Kidul, wallahuallam yes,” he continued.

Official Tenjo GuesthouseOfficial Tenjo Pesanggrahan Photo: Syahdan Alamsyah/detikJabar

Meanwhile, Agus Abdullah, the manager of the Official Tenjo Pesanggrahan, the Presidential Palace, said that from a series of changes to the President of the Republic of Indonesia. Only President Megawati has ever deliberately spent the night at the guesthouse. After that, several presidents only ever stopped to rest and eat a banquet.

“It was Mr. Gusdur who came, and lastly Mr. President Jokowi stopped by. If it was Mrs. Megawati who stayed overnight for two nights, several other ministers had been here, basically those who got permission from the Presidential Secretariat had stopped by,” said Agus.

One of the rooms, namely the main room, has wide right and left mirrors facing the boundaries of the arch of Palabuhanratu bay. The glass was replaced during the leadership of President Soesilo Bambang Yudhoyono or SBY.

“The glass was replaced with bullet-proof glass in Pak SBY’s time, but he himself has never been to this place,” added Agus.

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