The Wrong One who is Angry, the Luxury MPV Driver Grumps Not Given To Cut The Line


Various types of car drivers can be found on the highway. Including those who insist and feel right even though they have made mistakes.

In Indonesia, there are many incidents that show drivers who make mistakes are even more insistent and seem more fierce. Similar conditions also occur in neighboring countries, Malaysia.

In a short video that went viral on Facebook social media, it was clearly recorded that a luxury MPV car driver got out of his car and looked at the vehicle behind him after not being given a lane cut.

The video circulated on the We Are Malaysian Facebook Group. There are two short videos in the post which was published on May 3, 2022.

The first contains violations committed by the luxury MPV. Coming from the left, the luxury MPV suddenly cut to the right. Even though the empty space between the two oncoming cars was already narrow. It also doesn’t look like the luxury MPV has turned on the turn signal.

At first, the car that recorded the incident, which was right behind him, tried to close the distance so the MPV could not enter. But in the end the luxury MPV still manages to cut through and get into the queue.

Shortly after successfully cutting, the MPV stopped because there was a line. Soon the driver got down and looked at the car behind him. Quoted from World of Buzz, the Alphard driver briefly stared at the driver who had just been overtaken. He also seems to be emitting words even though the meaning is not clear.

Luxury MPV Rider Cut the LineLuxury MPV Riders Cut Photo: Facebook/We Are Malaysian

This short video was immediately commented on by Malaysian netizens. Until this news was revealed, the video has been watched 102,000 times, received 171 comments and shared 12 times.

Many of these comments criticized the behavior and behavior of the MPV driver. Watch the full video below.

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