There is a ‘God Fish’ at Cibulan Kuningan Tourism Object


God Fish! That’s the name of the residents of the Cibulan tourist attraction pool in Manis Kidul Village, Jalaksana District, Kuningan. This fish, which is sacred to local residents, has a very legendary story.

It is said that the ancient fish in the two large ponds measuring about 35×15 meters and 45×15 meters were the incarnation of King Siliwangi’s troops who were cursed to become fish.

In the story, which has been passed down from generation to generation, the fish was cursed to become a fish because it was not loyal to King Siliwangi or who was also known as the leader of the Pajajaran Kingdom.

“It is said that this fish is a soldier of Prabu Siliwangi who was cursed for being unfaithful to Prabu Siliwangi, if the story is like that,” said one manager of the Cibulan tourist attraction, Maman Suherman (50), to detikJabar.

God fish tourist attraction in Kuningan.God fish tourist attraction in Kuningan. Photo: Bima Bagaskara

This fish, known as kancra bodas (white), which has a black color, has several unique features, one of which is the population in the pond. According to Maman, the population of the god fish is never lacking and fills the pond.

“This fish always breeds, it’s just that from the beginning this pool was never full and there were not enough fish. Logically, for example, for breeding, maybe this pond is full. Even though it’s not consumed and the ones that die are not every Sunday,” he explained. .

Another uniqueness, if this fish dies, its body does not float to the top of the pond, but the fish remains at the bottom of the pond. However, if the fish dies, just like fish in general, it will emit a fishy smell.

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