There’s Stunning White Sand on This Beautifully Forgotten Florida Beach


When traveling to Florida City, a traveler will likely head to popular places such as Orlando, Miami, Key West and Fort Lauderdale. But there is one place that is forgotten.

According to Airbnb’s 2022 summer travel report, Florida dominates the top 10 summer domestic destinations. One of the destinations on the list was unexpected, namely Cape San Blas which became the number 2 most sought after destination by travelers in the US.

Cape San BlasCape San Blas Photo: (Getty Images)

There is a destination that has this white sand is sometimes referred to by Florida as the ‘forgotten beach’. TH Stone Memorial St. Joseph Peninsula State Park in Cape San Blas was named America’s best beach by Dr. Stephen P. Leatherman, or better known as Dr. Beach in 2002. This destination is said to have the smoothest and whitest beaches in the world.

The beach also has wildlife that lives on land and sea, including snow stoats, various species of sea turtles and two types of St. Endangered Andrews, bobcat, raccoon and armadillo.

Cape San Blas also has St Joseph Bay which has a 55,000 hectare water reserve. The area is the least populated area on the state’s coastline. Its marine life is also one of the most spectacular in Florida.

There is also the Cape San Blas Lighthouse, which has been in operation since 1847 at this hurricane-prone destination. The lighthouse has been rebuilt and moved several times. Additionally, there is the 8.7-mile Loggerhead Trail to explore the coast.

Cape San BlasCape San Blas Photo: (Getty Images)

Cape San Blas is one of six Florida destinations to top Airbnb’s list of trending domestic summer destinations. In addition to these destinations, there are Walton County, Mexico Beach, Fort Myers, Cape Coral and Four Corners.

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