These 5 Indomie Cooking Tricks have gone viral and make it taste even better


Indomie can be made more delicious by adding certain ingredients and methods. Starting from cooked in a certain time to mixed with sesame sauce.

Indonesian pride instant noodle products, Indomie usually cooked according to the instructions on the package. The noodle sheets are boiled until cooked, then mixed with wet and dry spices.

This method has made Indomie delicious, but not a netizen if you are not creative in exploring Indomie recipes. Many of them are looking for ways to make Indomie taste better.

Some of these netizen-style Indomie cooking methods have gone viral to the point of being called the Indomie ‘hack’. Many netizens are tempted to practice how to make Indomie.

There are those who recommend the process of boiling noodles for a certain duration, to add ingredients that have never been tried before. Indomie fans also need to know the trick or ‘hack’ to cook Indomiesgar, it tastes better.

Here are 5 Indomie cooking tricks that are viral on social media like Instagram and TikTok:

1. Boil noodles 1:45

These 5 Indomie Cooking Tricks have gone viral and make it taste even betterPhoto: Instagram inijie

Food blogger, Jie W. Kusumo once shared a ‘hack’ to make fried Indomie much tastier. He shared the video via Instagram @inijie (19/7/2021).

It’s easy. First, prepare the Indomie wet seasoning. Pour in a bowl and mix well. After that, boil the noodles for 1 minute 45 seconds to get the perfect noodle elasticity. Remove the noodles and strain until there is no water left at all.

Put the noodles into a bowl, mix with the wet spices earlier. So, here’s the ‘hack’ of Indomie’s cooking that makes it taste even more kicking. Sprinkle the last powder/dry seasoning on the surface of the fried noodles. Stir until completely blended. Fried Indomie is ready to be enjoyed.

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2. Add the toasted sesame sauce

These 5 Indomie Cooking Tricks have gone viral and make it taste even betterPhoto: TikTok urimiji

For lovers of spicy fried Indomie, you can try this cooking hack. Prepare a chili sauce consisting of a mixture of 3 cloves of garlic, 3 cloves of red onion, 3 pieces of red cayenne pepper, and 5 green chilies. Blend or grind manually with a fork.

After that, cook this chili sauce by pouring 3.5 tablespoons (sdm) of hot oil. Stir a little until cooked evenly. After that, add 2.5 tablespoons of roasted sesame sauce which is often used as a salad dressing.

Also add all the wet and dry spices of fried Indomie. Stir until smooth and thick textured like hotpot dipping spices. Finally, add the boiled noodles to the seasoning. As a result, fried Indomie is so fragrant and delicious.

The Indomie ‘Hack’ uploaded by TikToker @urimiji has even become a ‘top liked’. At the time of writing this video, the video has been liked more than 912 thousand times. Come on!

3. Use chili, onion, and sweet soy sauce

These 5 Indomie Cooking Tricks have gone viral and make it taste even betterPhoto: TikTok winnyyyw

This Indomie cooking ‘hack’ is suitable for lovers of onion and spicy flavors. TikToker @winnyyyw (19/3/2022) shares how to get 228 thousand ‘likes’ from netizens.

The trick, prepare 2 cloves of garlic, 2 cloves of red onion, 1 large red chili, and 2 green chilies. Cut into small pieces to size. Put on a plate, flush with hot oil to taste.

Add wet seasoning Indomie fry. After that, add the sweet soy sauce to taste. Just the last Indomie powder/dry seasoning. Stir together and mix with the boiled noodles. “This fix is ​​the best Indomie hack,” said the video uploader.

The viral Indomie cooking trick is still on the next page.

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