These are the electric cars and motorbikes used by the police to escort the G20 Summit


The Traffic Corps (Korlantas) of the National Police has prepared hundreds of electric vehicles to guard the G20 Summit in Bali on November 15-16, 2022. This international agenda will indeed campaign for the use of electric vehicles.

Later, at the G20 Bali Summit, state delegates will use electric vehicles. To support this, the Korlantas Polri has also prepared cars and electric motorcycles for escort.

Quoted from the official website of the Korlantas Polri, Polri has prepared 88 electric cars and 94 electric motorcycles to support the G20 Summit in Bali. What cars and electric motorcycles will be used to escort the G20 Summit?

From the video shown on the NTMC Polri YouTube channel, it appears that several electric vehicles have been whitewashed with livery typical of the National Police Korlantas. The electric cars and motorcycles are dominated by white with blue trim typical of traffic police operational vehicles.

Police Electric Cars and Motorcycles to Escort the G20 SummitPolice Electric Cars and Motorcycles to Guard the G20 Summit Photo: Instagram NTMC Polri

The electric car used is the Hyundai Ioniq Electric. The Hyundai Ioniq is equipped with a 100 kW (136 PS) permanent magnet synchronous powered by a 38.3 kWh lithium ion battery. The motor develops 295 Nm of torque which is distributed to the front wheels.

The Hyundai Ioniq can travel 373 km (based on NEDC) and 311 km (based on WLTP) on a single charge. A full charge can be achieved in 54 minutes for zero to 80 percent charging using a 100 kW (DC) capacity electric vehicle charging station.

Furthermore, this Hyundai Ioniq can also be charged at home (standard) from zero to 100 percent, it takes 17 hours 30 minutes, AC Charging 6 hours 5 minutes.

In addition to cars, the Korlantas Polri has also prepared electric motorbikes for escort. It appears that the electric motor used is a motorcycle from Zero Motorcycles, an electric motorcycle brand from the United States.

The electric motor is a Zero DSR which has added boxes on the side and rear. The Zero DSR electric motor carries the style of an adventure motorbike that is ready to be used in all fields.

Zero DSR is equipped with an electric motor Z-Force 75-7R air-cooled brushless motor. Its power reaches 70 horsepower with a maximum torque of 157 Nm. The top speed can reach 163 km / h. Once charged, this electric motor can reach a distance of 169 km to 328 km.

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