These Korean Grandparents Taste Klepon, Amazed by the Fragrance!


Klepon has become a common snack in Indonesia. But how do Korean grandparents react when they eat klepon? This is the moment!

Klepon is a traditional Indonesian snack which is included in the market snack group. This snack is made from glutinous rice flour with a mixture of green coloring which is shaped into small balls, filled with brown sugar, and covered with grated coconut.

Klepon is usually light green in color which comes from a mixture of suji leaves or pandan leaves. Can also use drops of food coloring.

Indonesians are familiar with klepon. Usually served for snacks, big celebrations, guest treats, and more.

But for foreigners, this one snack, of course, they don’t know. Like this Korean grandpa and grandma. They were treated to a klepon by their son.

Korean Grandparents Try Klepon Photo: Korean Chef YouTuber

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Klepon was made by the child himself. Unfortunately it doesn’t use green dye, only natural white from the rice flour dough.

“This should be green (dough),” said YouTuber Koki Korea in his video (4/3).

This 66-year-old Korean grandpa and grandmother revealed that klepon At first glance, it looks like a typical Korean rice cake called Kyongdan. “This is similar to Korean rice cakes, what is it called… kyongdan,” said the Korean grandfather.

Korean Grandparents Try KleponKorean Grandparents Try Klepon Photo: Korean Chef YouTuber

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Korean grandmother tried it first. He seemed to enjoy the klepon in every bite. “The taste is similar to the Korean Kyondan tteok, but it has a nice fragrance in it,” said the grandmother.

Then a Korean YouTuber explained that the fragrance came from pandan leaves. So when boiling the klepon dough, he adds pandan leaves so that the aroma is fragrant.

“It’s delicious! It smells delicious and blooms in my mouth so it’s delicious. This is indeed the taste that I like!” said the grandmother with a happy face.

Grandpa Korea’s turn to try it. He also revealed that klepon is similar to tteok from Korea. “It’s very suitable for Koreans,” said the grandfather.

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