This Former Nurse Has Successfully Opened a Famous Zi Char Restaurant


A former nurse turned profession to become a restaurant owner Zi Char. The food stall is famous and has succeeded in attracting buyers.

This former nurse used to work in the operating room to handle accident cases. However, after finding a dream job in the culinary field, he finally tries to open food stalls.

Citing CNA (23/05) , actually this change in profession is not the first time for a woman named Joanne Annalyn Lau. After leaving the nursing world, this woman from Singapore worked as an insurance agent first.

Former Nurse Opens RestaurantAfter leaving the nursing world, this Singaporean woman worked as an insurance agent before opening a Zi Char restaurant. Photo:

Until one day she and her husband found a great opportunity to achieve their dream of opening a food stall. This couple has absolutely no background in F&B.

With the confidence and connection they have, Lau and her husband finally turn to one of the professional chefs they know for help.

Before building this food stall, Lau had many considerations. In the end she and her husband decided to build a food stall next to a well-known restaurant and hire a professional chef.

Surprisingly, Zi Char’s food stall named JB101 FIREWORKZ which was built from scratch has succeeded in becoming a culinary destination for many people. Especially when night falls, this food stall is almost always packed with visitors.

Zi Char itself is one of Singapore’s favorite ways to eat. Local dishes will be cooked to order and eaten together so everything is fresh and warm.

One of the favorite menu in food stalls this is crab vermicelli. The creamy soup vermicelli with pieces of fresh boiled crab tantalizes the taste buds of many people.

Former Nurse Opens RestaurantOne of the favorite menus at this food stall is crab vermicelli. The creamy soup vermicelli with pieces of fresh boiled crab tantalizes the taste buds of many people. Photo:

However, a very extreme professional switch made this couple overwhelmed. Coupled with their lack of experience in the F&B field. Both of them don’t even know some of the kitchen rules including the chef’s no-dish-washing rule.

Due to limitations, after the shop closed, the couple washed up to 200 dishes per day. “So once the dinner crowds die down, I’ll crouch down to wash three to four tubs of over 200 dishes every night.” said Lau.

Every 3 am Lau and her husband had to go to the port to buy fresh seafood. Although this Singaporean woman has had a very different career change, her experience has proved useful until now.

Lau’s banking background has taught him to be careful and take all risks into account.

Unexpectedly, the hard work of this former surgical nurse has succeeded in building a popular Zi Char restaurant. Even food stalls this beat the restaurant next door which was better known.

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