This is a New Culinary Tour in Ubud that is Hot for You


Travelers who are on vacation to Ubud, it feels like they have to try the cuisine at this newly opened restaurant. Guaranteed to pamper your tongue with the umami taste of Japan.

Ubud has been known as a favorite holiday destination for tourists from all over the world. In addition to its beautiful nature, Ubud is also filled with various hit restaurants to try.

One of them is Shichirin, a restaurant that just opened last Saturday (22/10). This restaurant carries the Japanese Konro Grill concept that travelers can try.

Shichirin restaurant, which is located on Jalan Bisma, offers a new sensation of enjoying authentic Japanese dishes accompanied by beautiful natural scenery in Ubud.

There are various authentic Japanese dishes that a traveler must taste. Some recommended menus that you should try are Salmon Kushiyaki, Hibachi Enoki Maki, Kakitamajiru, Wagyu Tokusen Tenderloin.

ShichihirinShichihirin Photo: (doc. Shichirin)

Travelers don’t have to go all the way to Japan to experience authentic Sakura country dishes, because Shichirin has a really authentic and interesting choice of dishes, just like being in Japan.

All dishes here are served authentically by passionate Chef Agus Umbarayana who has been in the culinary world.

ShichihirinShichihirin Photo: (doc. Shichirin)

Chef Agus pays great attention to the ingredients used to keep them fresh and of high quality to make dishes delicious. Don’t be surprised if this restaurant uses premium meat which will later be grilled on the traveler’s table.

Shichirin has a comfortable place with a capacity of 16 seats in Ubud. If you are confused about which menu to order, the chefs here are happy to provide recommendations.

ShichihirinShichihirin Photo: (doc. Shichirin)

This restaurant in Ubud is open every day from Monday to Sunday from 16.00 to 23.00 local time. Oh yes, if in Japan there are Omamori or lucky charms, then in Shichirin there are also.

In Shichirin there are also lucky charms that will make you feel lucky if you have them. Later you can use these lucky charms when you return to Shichirin.

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