This is a Pioneer Resort in Wini, Simple but Has a Beautiful Panorama

North Central Timor

Wini Small Town, located in North Central Timor Regency, East Nusa Tenggara has a variety of beautiful tours that must be enjoyed. In this small town, visitors can enjoy the beautiful sunset on the beach, see traditional houses, and visit the Wini State Border Post (PLBN).

When visiting or on vacation to Wini, visitors don’t need to be afraid of having trouble finding a place to stay. Because, even though it is located on the Indonesia-Timor Leste border, Wini also has a resort that can be used as a place to stop and rest.

Resort Marjon is a pioneer resort and the only one in Wini. Located in Humusu C Village, North Insana District, Marjon Resort is not only a place to stay for Indonesians, but also residents of Timor Leste.

Wini Offers Beautiful Beach Views

Built on a 1 hectare land, Marjon Wini Resort Owner, Ishak Marjon Boik said that his resort still offers beautiful natural scenery. Even though it has a simple building concept, Resort Marjo keeps an amazing panorama.

This is a Pioneer Resort in Wini, Simple but Has a Beautiful PanoramaThis is a Pioneer Resort in Wini, Simple but Has a Beautiful Panorama Photo: Andhika Prasetia/detikcom

Here, visitors can directly enjoy the beautiful panorama of Wini Beach from here. Simply walking about 300 meters from the room, visitors can immediately play water on the beach, or just sit and relax on the beach.

“Even though we (resorts) are ourselves, it doesn’t mean we take the opportunity to just get profit, but we provide good service. First, here the beach is really good, the sky is still blue, it’s still fresh, the air is still clean. We try to provide comfort and good service, but of course with all our limitations. Yes, we love more what is available, meaning that nature has provided that we highlight,” he added.

Present Adequate Facilities – Affordable Rate

Regarding facilities, Ishak explained that there are 17 rooms available here. Each room is also equipped with facilities in the form of queen or twin beds, pillows, blankets, wardrobes, and TVs. In addition, Resort Marjon also provides a variety of breakfasts, ranging from fresh fish, vegetables, and others.

“At this Marjon Resort, we have 17 ready rooms, all facilities are almost the same, from AC to television. Then we are preparing a swimming pool, cafe. We are also communicating with friends who have boats for guests who want to fish, we will prepare them,” he said

“For our rate, we are at Rp. 275-400 thousand. Rp. 400 thousand is for a VIP room. Our room area is quite large, namely 4×6 meters and the land area is 1 hectare. We also prepare a cafe to provide more service to guests who stay here ,” he added.

This is a Pioneer Resort in Wini, Simple but Has a Beautiful PanoramaThis is a Pioneer Resort in Wini, Simple but Has a Beautiful Panorama Photo: Andhika Prasetia/detikcom

Because it is the only resort in Wini, Ishak said it’s a good idea for visitors to make a drink reservation 2 weeks before their stay. Because, on big days and holidays, Resort Marjon is almost always full of visitors.

“To book a room at this hotel, when there is an event, it is at least 2 weeks. Because if you don’t order on that day, because of limited rooms, you can’t get it. I took the example yesterday that someone had a reunion, it collided with a horse racing event. The reunion has been in contact for almost 3 weeks before, if not, it collides, maybe you can’t get it,” he said.

Until now, Resort Marjon is still a mainstay lodging place for tourists visiting Wini. In the future, Ishak said he plans to add facilities at Resort Marjon.

“In the future, if we are given the opportunity, especially regarding financial capacity, we will certainly build better ones, provide better ones. We build facilities that make people really enjoy their holidays here. business activities, but now local (people) also see Wini as a good place to vacation with family,” he concluded

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