This is MUSAN, the First Underwater Forest Museum in the Mediterranean Sea


Museums that stand on land are common, what about museums under the sea? Check this MUSAN.

A museum called the Museum of Underwater Sculpture Ayia Napa (MUSAN) offers an unusual experience. Opened last year, Musan is the first underwater museum in the Mediterranean Sea.

As the name implies, the museum is located 200 off the coast of Aiya Napa, the resort city of Southeast Cyprus. This destination resembles an underwater forest and has several statues of children playing alongside statues with mystical characters.

MUSANMUSAN Photo: (Emily Irving-Swift/Getty Images)

“The creative aim was to create a seamless connection between land and sea, combining two different wonders. One created by man and one designed by nature,” according to the museum’s website.

“To develop a portal to the underwater world that offers visitors a brief encounter with the natural beauty beneath the surface of the water, providing an otherworldly experience that illustrates the connectivity of humans with nature, hybrid organic forms in harmony with their environment,” added a statement from the museum’s website.

Meanwhile, according to the museum, this work also aims to pay attention to conservation. In addition, it also acts as a new ecosystem for aquatic life to develop.

My Modern Met reports, over time, the hope is that each statue will be covered in marine biomass which will make this museum even more beautiful.

“The collection of figurative underwater sculptures spread among a series of organic trees scattered among a series of sculpted organic trees and underground plants will create the world’s first underwater forest,” according to the museum’s website.

MUSANMUSAN Photo: (Emily Irving-Swift/Getty Images)

“A symbol to elevate the story of Ayia Napa’s newly created marine protected zone, while acknowledging past deforestation practices,” he added.

Well, tourists who want to visit can choose scuba diving or snorkeling. There is no charge, but the local dive school will charge each.

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