This is Nissan’s new electric car, the price is not up to Rp. 300 million!


Nissan has finally revealed the figure of a tiny electric car with a price tag of Rp. 200 million. The electric car is named Sakura which is an iconic flower from Japan.

Nissan was confident Sakura could take it to another level. With a turning radius of 4.8 meters, it allows the rider to maneuver in tight spaces. Sakura has dimensions of 3,395 mm in length, 1,475 mm in width, 1,655 mm in height and a wheelbase of 2,495 mm. It weighs only 1,070-1,080 kg with a luggage capacity of 107 liters.

Nissan SakuraNissan Sakura was developed from technology owned by Leaf. Photo: Nissan

Despite its small size, Nissan claims the Sakura has a roomy interior and long mileage making it suitable for everyday use. Inside, Sakura is able to fit four people inside.

“All New Sakura will follow Leaf and Ariya as mass electric cars. We believe it will be a gamechanger in the Japanese market and easily accessible to consumers in Japan,” said Nissan Executive Vice President Asako Hoshino in an official statement.

Nissan Sakura carries an electric motor capable of producing 47 kW of power and 195 Nm of torque. Sakura is said to be able to accelerate quickly and steadily. The technology is drawn from Leaf’s development over more than a decade. That way, Sakura has a very good level of cabin silence. In tests conducted by Nissan, Sakura has a mileage of up to 180 km.

The tiny electric car has three driving modes, namely Eco, Standard, and Sport that can be adapted to road conditions. Using e-Pedal, the rider can accelerate and decelerate just by stepping on and releasing the pedal.

The plan is that the Nissan Sakura will be marketed in Japan this summer. Sakura is sold from 1.78 million yen, or the equivalent of Rp. 204 million if you get an environmentally friendly vehicle subsidy of 550,000 yen which if converted into Rp. 63 million.

There are three variants of the Nissan Sakura offered in Japan, namely S, X, and G with retail prices estimated from 2,333,100 yen, Rp. 267 million to the highest, 2,940,300 yen, which is equivalent to Rp. 337 million.

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