This is proof that body kit modifications made in Indonesia are increasingly popular overseas


Perhaps Indonesia’s automotive industry is still far behind compared to developed countries, whether in the United States, Europe or Japan. However, it is different when talking about modifications, Indonesian-style modifications have begun to be seen abroad.

In the release received by detikOto, the Karma body kit proves its existence in the world’s car modification industry. This is supported by an attractive design, quality and detailed workmanship which always brings a lot of praise and the best appreciation for fans of ‘stance’ modifications.

“Essentially, when outsiders support our products, that’s why we have to support local products more. If we don’t appreciate it, then who will? To keep the industry running. Even outsiders are proud, so we must be proud to use our products,” emphasized the founder of KARMA Bodykit, Kiki Anugraha.

This appreciation and high interest in local Indonesian products abroad was shown when KARMA Bodykit held a meet-up that was planned and specially designed for its fans in America after the 2022 SEMA Show. It was recorded that 50 cars of various brands and types used the Karma body kit attended the Meet up at Delight Cafe – Ice Cream & Drinks at Garden Grove Blvd Ste 1, California, last Thursday (10/11/2022).

“This meet up was deliberately planned because in the American market there are already a lot of Karma body kits being used. They were happy to welcome me, knowing that I was coming to SEMA. Their reception and response was quite extraordinary. The reason is, the calcer there, when SEMA is over, usually children cars or the automotive community go off about 2-3 weeks from meet up activities,” Kiki added.

KARMA bodykit modifications in the United StatesKARMA bodykit modifications in the United States Photo: doc. KARMA

Trying to expand its wings, Karma ensures that it has collaborated with TFT Performance, a modification outlet based in Los Angeles, California.

“The modified cars that were present at this meet-up included supercars, sportcars, JDM, USDM, ‘Bippu’ style cars, namely big saloon cars like the Mercy S-Class, which aimed at a more ‘stance’ appearance. KARMA Bodykit’s mission is indeed focused and its path is on the appearance of the stance,” said Kiki.

“Even for next year’s SEMA Show, we will prepare the latest KARMA concoction car that will be made by our new distributor in America. So the plan is to have 2 of our cars, brought from Indonesia to appear there. Regarding the development of the KARMA Bodykit distributor in America, apart from TFT Performante, there are also those who are 100 percent interested in holding KARMA product distributors in the USA. Those interested are in the East America region, not in West America. Because our sales focus is in the West region where there are many American mods in the west. the weather and road contours also affect it. In East it snows more and the contours of mountain roads. Modified cars rarely roam around,” Kiki added.

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