This is Tuo Market, the market for Jambi people since the Dutch era


Dutch heritage sites are scattered throughout Indonesia, including Jambi. Still in use today, this is the Tuo Market.

Tebo Jambi Regency itself is known as the expansion district in Jambi Province. This district comes from the expansion of Bungo-Tebo Regency since 21 years.

In this district, the economy comes from palm oil plantations, rubber and coal mining. In that area, it is also used as a freshwater fishing area because it is surrounded by the longest river in Jambi, namely the Batanghari River.

Despite being an expansion area, the area which has the motto “Seentak Galah Serejuang Paddle” also has several old buildings from the Dutch era.

The building is located in Muaro Tebo Village, Tebo Tengah District, Tebo Jambi Regency. There, the remaining buildings that are still in use are houses that are currently known as the location of the ‘Tuo Market’ area or the oldest market.

Jambi Tuo Market Photo: (Ferdi Almunanda/detikcom)

In the market, there are dozens of old buildings visible, buildings made of wood, are still quite well maintained until now.

“So in the Dutch era, the building already existed, and we have known for a long time that the building there is also used as a trading location for residents, if we are in Tebo, we call it the tuo market,” said the LAM Customary Advisory Council, Tebo Jambi Regency. , Datuk A Kadar Mahidin to detiksumut, Tuesday (22/3/2022).

The old building which became the ‘Tuo Market’ was known to have been built since 1931. The market is also located on Jalan Merdeka, with a building structure that still has the nuances of the past.

However, in the 2000s, parts of the ‘Tuo Market’ area caught fire, not only once but the building in the market there was recorded to have experienced 2 fires.

Tuo Jambi MarketJambi Tuo Market Photo: (Ferdi Almunanda/detikcom)

The burning of the building in the market destroyed most of the old buildings in the ‘Tuo Market’ as well. Currently, most of the charred old buildings have been rebuilt with new ornaments.

“If there are only a few of these old buildings left, although not many, they are still there. Well, after the condition of the ‘Tuo Market’ caught fire, then a new market was built by the first regent since Tebo district became an expansion area. A new market “The market that was built is next to ‘Pasar Tuo’. The name of the new market, Pasar Tanjung Bungur, this market was made to be used as a market for people until now because most of ‘Pasar Tuo’ has been burned,” said Datuk Kadar.

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