This Man Shows Practical Tricks for Cooking Soto ala Kost Children


Boarding children can also eat deliciously and practically. Like the chicken soup menu for breaking the fast. Delicious eaten warm!

Do not always rely on instant noodles as a meal, boarding children can also cook deliciously as long as they have a stove. One of them is the chicken soup menu which can be made easily and practically.

Like the tips and tricks shared by TikTok account users @Agungpratama. As a boarding house student, Agung tries to use the stove and simple cooking utensils to process delicious dishes.

Practical Tricks for Cooking Soto ala Kost ChildrenPractical Tricks for Cooking Soto in a boarding house style Photo: TikTok @agungpratama

During the fasting month like this, he shows a video where he mixes the super simple chicken soup that he cooks in his boarding room. Agung has an electric stove that you can count on to cook a variety of foods. He also has a small pot that is often used for cooking.

Meanwhile, the food ingredients to be processed are stored in a one-door mini refrigerator. “The boarding house children make soup,” said Agung in the video he uploaded, Monday (4/4).

Here, Agung can see that he already has stock of ungkep chicken with yellow spices, various vegetables to complement the soup, to instant spices that are ready to be cooked.

First Agung cuts the chicken into small pieces then he prepares vegetables such as bean sprouts, spring onions, tomatoes, cabbage and celery leaves. The cooked chicken is then boiled again until warm.

Then he made the soto sauce by relying on instant soto spices that could be stir-fried and then given water and various complementary ingredients such as lemongrass, tomatoes and scallions. After everything is cooked, he then soaks the vermicelli in hot water until the texture is soft.

When serving, Agung prepares a bowl and arranges all the ingredients for the soto then pours the hot soto sauce. Agung also complements this soto with hard-boiled eggs and cayenne pepper for a spicy sensation.

Soto ayam a la boarding house is also ready to be enjoyed as a menu for breaking the fast. Judging from the process, this method of cooking chicken soup can simultaneously fill the time of ngabuburit while waiting for the time to break the fast.

Netizens who saw this video were immediately busy giving comments. There were those who praised Agung’s actions because he was considered a diligent boarding house student, but many also asked for tips and tricks for cooking chicken soup.

“There are so many soto, after all, are you eating alone,” asked the netizen.

“He usually makes soup, not with me, my mother selling soto from elementary school until I get bored. Playing in Bekasi and eating Betawi soup is delicious,” said another netizen.

Practical Tricks for Cooking Soto ala Kost ChildrenPractical Tricks for Cooking Soto in a boarding house style Photo: TikTok @agungpratama

“I’m married but I’ve never made soup, I like it stir fry because it can only be stir-fried,” said netizens.

“I also like making things like this, because I’m happier when I make my own. Even though it’s complicated, it’s okay to eat as much as you want,” explained another netizen.

When confirmed by Detikcom (5/4), Agung said that he really enjoyed cooking in his boarding room. In addition to being more efficient, your own cooking is also according to taste so you are satisfied to eat it.

“Sometimes (cooking) becomes a mood booster for those of us who are overseas,” said Agung.

Besides cooking soto, Agung also admitted that he had cooked various other foods from his boarding room. For example, fried bananas, Thai cassava, bitter melon vegetables and pumpkin compote. Everything is cooked using makeshift cooking utensils in the boarding room.

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