This Netizen Calls Indomie Much Better Than Dutch Instant Noodles


Netizen and creator of TikTok content, Jeremy Owen lives in the city of Breda, the Netherlands. He compared the taste of the famous instant noodles in the Netherlands with Indomie. What do you think? Which is better?

Studying at Avans University of Applied Sciences made Jeremy live in the city of Breda for a while. There he often shares exciting content about his life.

No exception with the moment of tasting a variety of typical Dutch food. Recently (16/4/2022) Jeremy showed an instant noodle product from the Netherlands which is said to be tastier than the instant noodle product of Indonesia’s pride, Indomie.

The instant noodle brand is Good Noodles Unox, which costs 0.64 euros, or around Rp. 10 thousand. “They say it’s Dutch instant noodles, but it tastes like satay too,” said Jeremy in the video.

This Netizen Calls Indomie Much Better Than Dutch Instant NoodlesGood Noodles Unox, a Dutch instant noodle product that is said to be tastier than Indomie. Photo: TikTok jerhemynemo

He then cooked this instant noodle when he got home. After tasting, Jeremy said there was a peanut sauce taste. “It’s not clear (taste). It’s really bland. It’s weird how people say it’s delicious, how do you try it?” said Jeremy.

According to him, the taste of Indomie is much better than this Dutch instant noodle. The instant noodles tasted so bland, Jeremy added fried onions, chili powder, and sweet soy sauce.

Instantly the color of the instant noodles became more appetizing. It was also judged by Jeremy to be better. “Even though it’s not really delicious, but it’s okay,” he said at the end of the video.

This Netizen Calls Indomie Much Better Than Dutch Instant NoodlesAccording to Jeremy, the taste of Dutch instant noodles is very bland. Photo: TikTok jerhemynemo

Regarding the video of Jeremy tasting this popular instant noodle brand in the Netherlands, many netizens also commented. “Indomie keep it in my heart,” said a netizen. “If it doesn’t taste good, it’s not Indonesian. Fix, there must be someone who likes to add chili sauce or soy sauce so that there is a taste,” said another netizen.

Good Noodles Unox itself is a Dutch instant noodle which is available in 70 gram plastic packaging. The taste choices are Curry, Tandoori, Chicken, Beef, Satay, Oriental Chicken and Vegetables.

Then there are also variants of instant cup noodles with a taste that is no less interesting. Good Noodles Cup is available in Vietnamese pho, shrimp, duck, and chili flavors.

While in the Netherlands, Indomie is not a hard item to get. Indomie is sold in many places with a wide selection of flavors. From the fried noodle category, there are original flavors, spicy fried noodles, jumbo fried noodles, and rendang fried noodles.

There are also variants Indomie boiled. The taste choices include chicken broth, special chicken, chicken curry, vegetables, shrimp, and onion chicken. Even in the Netherlands, there are Indomie packaging as well as 5 contents.

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