This Rp 50 Million Electric Motorcycle Challenges Yamaha E01 and Honda PCX Electric in RI


CFMoto, which is present under the umbrella of MForce Indonesia, has also hit the Indonesian market. One of them is the presence of the Zeeho AE8 electric motor.

The Zeeho AE8 electric motorbike is displayed in the Fair Kemayoran 2022 area. According to detikcom’s observations at the location, the Zeeho AE8 has an aggressive body design with a muscular front end accompanied by a large fender that covers more than a quarter of the wheel.

There is a large foot area that offers legroom for the rider. Typical of big scooters in Indonesia.

Even in the rear area is made not like a motorcycle in general. The rear tail seems to be missing even though there are still fenders closer to the tires.

“The price is IDR 55 million, the estimated end of year delivery has reached consumers,” said one CFMoto employee when met by AFP at the Fair Kemayoran, Friday (17/6/2022).

Interestingly, this motorbike uses a keyless system, not a remote or a key. But a kind of smart card when entering the hotel.

Zeeho AE8Zeeho AE8 Photo: Ridwan Arifin

Another interesting feature, the Zehoo AE8 has three driving modes, namely Eco, Street, and Sport. For display information using a 5-inch LCD that can be integrated with bluetooth and applications.

Regarding specifications, the Zehoo AE8 has dimensions of 1,900 mm in length, 735 mm in width, and 1,090 mm in height. The motor with the provision of two 69 volt 32 ampere batteries is said to be able to cover a distance of 190 kilometers.

Furthermore, Zehoo AE8 can get a peak power of up to 12.5 kW. While the acceleration from zero to 50 km / h is only 2.9 seconds.

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