This Umbul in Boyolali is Believed to Give Healing and Promotion


The Umbul Pengging Complex in Boyolali is believed to be able to provide healing and promotion for travelers who do tirakat bathing there. How’s the story?

In the Pengging area, Banyudono sub-district, Boyolali district, there are a number of places commonly used by the community for tirakat behavior. One of them is the Tirtomarto Umbul Pengging bath complex.

Almost every night, there are people who do penance by bathing there. Especially on Friday nights, especially Pahing Friday nights.

A number of residents from various areas in Solo Raya and its surroundings came to the banner for kungkum with various needs and beliefs.

“On weekdays it is sometimes there, sometimes not. But on Friday night there is definitely one and the busiest is on Friday Pahing night,” said Pardi, Umbul Ngabean guard at the Umbul Pengging complex.

Umbul Ngabean at Umbul Pengging Complex, Boyolali Photo: Ragil Ajiyanto/detikJateng

According to Pardi, of the 4 banners in the Tirtomarto bathing complex, only 2 are often used for kungkum, namely Umbul Ngabean and Umbul Dudo.

“The most in Umbul Ngabean,” he explained.

The interests of each person who practices kungkum are different. For Umbul Ngabean, bathing here is believed to be able to increase degrees or advance in rank.

“The belief is sometimes different. Most of them here are for degrees, the rank is Umbul Ngabean. If it’s a trade or business, it’s a Dudo banner. But it depends on each person’s belief,” he explained.

The belief in tirakat kungkum is to gain degrees and ranks in Umbul Ngabean, he continued, possibly because the pennant in the easternmost part is a former king’s bath. This Ngabean Umbul used to be often used by Paku Buwono (PB) X to take a bath when visiting Umbul Pengging.

In the past, the round Ngabean banner was PB X’s favorite bathing place. As the king’s bathing place, the Ngabean Umbul was built quite luxuriously. The nuance of the Surakarta Palace is so thick in this pennant building.

It turns out that not only for bathing and kungkum, Umbul Ngabean is also often used by residents for health therapy. Residents who do therapy usually kungkum in Umbul Ngabean in the morning.

“Usually starting at around 05.30 WIB. For therapy for pinched nerves, symptoms of stroke,” said Pardi.


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