Tokyo Verdy Ensures Halal Food for Arhan Pratama

GENERAL Manager Tokyo Verdy, Atsuhiko Ejiri ensures that Primary Arhan consumes halal food. He stated that he had spoken with the club’s chef to provide halal food for the Indonesian national team player.

“We have discussed with the chef in Tokyo Verdy, that Arhan should not consume non-halal food. We are very responsible about that because we know life in Japan,” said Ejiri.

“That food is one of the main problems for foreigners living in Japan, so we as a club are trying to address that, so don’t worry,” added Ejiri.

Meanwhile, the CEO of Tokyo Verdy, Takaaki Nakamura, guaranteed that his party would not hinder Arhan from carrying out his Ramadan fasting obligations. He said the former PSIS Semarang player was given the freedom to worship.

“Before Arhan joined, we had done research on how Arhan could move comfortably. As a club we understand this, club management and the community mutual understanding is the most important thing,” said Nakamura.

“We consider that Arhan’s daily life is our responsibility. So that Arhan will be able to move comfortably,” he added.

Tokyo Verdy gave Arhan a contract for two seasons. The club, which plays in the second tier of the Japanese League, aka the J2 League, landed the 20-year-old player for free from PSIS.

Arhan is the fourth player from Indonesia to play in Japan. Previously there were Ricky Yakobi, Stefano Lilipaly and Irfan Bachdim. (Goal/OL-15)