Towards the SEA Games, Shin Tae-yong wants Asnawi to strengthen the national team

Indonesian national team coach Shin Tae-yong lobbied Ansan Greeners to temporarily release Asnawi Mangkualam to strengthen the national team ahead of the SEA Games in Vietnam.

Not long ago, Shin Tae-yong met with Ansan Greeners coach Cho Min-kook to lobby.

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“I came to the Jeonnam stadium for a meeting with coach Cho, so that Asnawi can be summoned to the SEA Games. Also watch my second child debut this year,” Shin said through his social media account, Monday (28/3).

Shin, who was in South Korea for the U-19 national team training camp (TC), took time to attend the K League 2 match. In this case, when Ansan Greeners traveled against Jeonnam Dragons.

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A number of players who strengthened the last AFF team, such as Asnawi, are projected to strengthen the national team at the SEA Games. Other names, such as Marc Klok from Persib, had previously been mentioned to fill the slot for the senior U-23 national team player.

The U-23 national team is targeted to win gold in Vietnam. The squad is planned to undergo TC in South Korea in April, after the U-19 team trials are completed. After that, they will go to Vietnam to face the SEA Games.(OL-11)