Toyota Avanza Passes, ZF Develops Wheel Turning Radius Can Turn 80 Degrees!


In Indonesia, the Toyota Avanza or Veloz is always the champion when we talk about the turning radius of the wheel or the turning radius of an MPV (multi Purpose Vehicle) car. Just imagine, Toyota Avanza or Veloz, has a turning radius of 4.7 meters. While the Mitsubishi Xpander has a turning radius of 5.2 meters and the Honda BR-V reaches 5.3 meters. But all of that will be broken with the innovation that was born by the ZF part company.

Quoted from official ZF and Youtube videos, as well as autoevolution, ZF introduces new innovations that will make every driver not worry or have trouble when parallel parking.

Imagine ZF introducing an innovative front tire turning radius of up to 80 degrees! This means that the riders will never have difficulty when bulldozing sharp turns but has a narrow space.

ZF explains that for decades, automakers have been trying to make things easier for those of us who have to deal with difficult situations every time we drive or park. So far, technologies such as wheel steering or automatic parking have been mass produced and sold.

ZF wheel turning radius can reach 80 degree.ZF wheel turning radius can reach 80 degree. Photo: youtube/ZF

However, this mass-sold system was successful in simplifying tasks such as parallel parking, its complexity made it expensive to implement, making it new to luxury cars.

But in the hands of ZF, after years of development the German company ZF showcased a new, cost-effective suspension concept that aims to radically improve low-speed maneuverability and facilitate parallel parking.

ZF’s latest innovation is called EasyTurn, a new system that allows the front wheel tires to rotate up to 80 degrees instead of the 35 degrees they currently have.

Curious how the ZF wheel works, watch the video below.


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