Toyota bZ3 Electric Car Launches, Once Charged Can Go Jakarta-Yogya


Toyota Motor Corporation officially launched a new electric car, Toyota bZ3. This is the second battery-based electric car from Toyota in the bZ series after the bZ4X.

The Toyota bZ3 electric car in the form of a sedan was launched for the Chinese market. The car was developed in collaboration with BYD Toyota EV Technology Co., LTD., a joint venture founded by Toyota, BYD and FAW Toyota. The Toyota bZ3 was born from the collaboration and synergy of three companies in car development, manufacturing and battery technology.

In appearance, the Toyota bZ3 presents a design format like a hammerhead shark a la Toyota bZ. This car combines the long wheelbase of the special BEV package with the long fastback cab. In addition, the exterior exudes stability and strength.

Toyota bZ3 Listrik Electric CarToyota bZ3 Electric Car Photo: Doc. Toyota

Bumper corners take airflow into account. While the flat door handles, aluminum rims, and rear bumper are shaped to reduce air resistance to produce aerodynamics with a Cd value of 0.218.

Interior and Features of Toyota bZ3

While the interior features the Digital Island system which integrates a large vertical center display with a tray-type console. Inside is wireless charging. The entertainment system can also connect smartphones and multimedia. Air conditioning, music, trunk open/close and other controls are integrated into the big screen. Plus there is voice control.

Toyota bZ3 Listrik Electric CarToyota bZ3 Electric Car Photo: Doc. Toyota

The development concept of the Toyota bZ3 is the Family Lounge. It is based on the idea that this car provides a space to enjoy time with family and friends, not just as a means of transportation. With a people-centred focus, Toyota emphasizes comfortable interior spaces with enhanced digital features.

Toyota bZ3 . Battery and Mileage

The Toyota bZ3 electrification system combines a BYD LFP lithium-ion battery using lithium iron phosphate with Toyota’s extensive electrification technology. As a result, this electric car can reach a distance of up to more than 600 km on a single charge. This condition allows the Toyota bZ3 to be able to go from to Yogyakarta (570 km) only once to fully charge the battery.

“The battery structure, cooling, control and safety monitoring system are all newly designed for this car, making the high-quality electrification system efficient, sophisticated, safe and reliable,” Toyota said.

Toyota is also leveraging its electrification expertise to reduce battery degradation. Toyota says the development of this electric car battery enables 90% capacity even after 10 years.

Toyota bZ3 utilizes the e-TNGA platform to provide a more enjoyable driving sensation, including more responsive performance, with a low center of gravity and good handling stability. The driving position is configured to minimize muscle strain, reduce fatigue on long-distance trips, and create an enjoyable driving experience.

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