Toyota Spreads Innova Teaser Again, Confirmed to be a Hybrid Car


Toyota through its social media channels has again spread the latest Innova teaser. This time, Toyota confirmed that the car to be launched is an environmentally friendly vehicle, which further strengthens the news of the birth Innova Hybrid.

The teaser is just a silhouette. However, Toyota has leaked the car that will slide in the near future, including the hybrid car category.

“The new energy that comes with better power is on the way to energize you!,” wrote Toyota Indonesia on its social media channels.

The silhouette of the car gives the impression of being sturdy. Predictably, this is the silhouette of the Toyota Innova Hybrid that will launch this month.

The identity of the hybrid is also shown very clearly by Toyota in this teaser. There appears to be a distinctive Hybrid emblem attached to the side body under the mirrors. Toyota also embeds an image in the form of electrification flow in this silhouette.

Toyota Innova Hybrid teaserToyota Innova Hybrid Teaser Photo: Doc. Toyota

detikOto got a leaked launch date from one of the Toyota salespeople around Jakarta. According to him, the latest Toyota Innova will launch on November 21, 2022.

The new Toyota Innova is also rumored to be present in several types, starting from the Innova G AT Gasoline, G AT Hybrid, V AT Gasoline, V AT Hybrid, and the most expensive type Q Hybrid.

The news of the emergence of the latest generation Innova with a hybrid system has been detected since the last few months. Even a number of Toyota salespeople have started to open the taps for orders.

Rumor has it, the new Toyota Innova will get a variety of luxury features. Among them are panoramic sunroof, captain seat, advanced features of Toyota Safety Sense (TSS), T-Touch, and power back door voice command. The price may be in the range of IDR 400-600 million.

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