Tracing the Life Traces of One of Indonesia’s Proclaimers in Bukittinggi


There is a classic house that can bring tourists to know Bung Hatta’s life closer. Starting from his life as a child to his struggle for Indonesian independence.

Located in Bukittinggi, the return of the house where Bung Hatta was born is expected to encourage future generations to understand the personality and character of the proclaimer. The location of the Bung Hatta Birth House Museum is very close to the heart of Bukittinggi City or it only takes about 15 minutes to walk from Jam Gadang.

The man who was born with the name Muhammad Athar was born in Bukittinggi on August 12, 1902. Bung Hatta is the son of Muhammad Djamil and Siti Saleha. It was in this small town that he grew up in his mother’s large environment. His father, Muhammad Djamil, died when Bung Hatta was eight months old.

Tracing the Life Traces of One of Indonesia's Proclaimers in BukittinggiTracing the Life Traces of One of Indonesia’s Proclaimers in Bukittinggi Photo: (doc. Kemenparekraf)

Bung Hatta has six sisters from his mother. His stepfather Haki Ning loved him very much. Bung Hatta did not even know that the father he knew was his stepfather until he was five years old.

The story of Bung Hatta can be found at the home of Bung Hatta’s birth. According to one of the tour guides, Susi Susetiowati, the father of the first Vice President and proclaimer of the Independence of the Republic of Indonesia, died at the age of 30.

“So his father has 3 wives, one of whom is Bung Hatta’s mother. When Bung Hatta was eight months old, his father died at the age of 30. So he was raised by his mother and mama or which means his uncle,” said Susi, in a release received detikTravel from Kemenparekraf, Sunday (17/4/2022).

Bung Hatta was only in the house of his birth for 11 years. In 1913, Bung Hatta moved to Padang to continue his education at Meer Uitgebreid Lager Onderwijs (MULO), which is now known as SMP 1 Padang. Bung Hatta also studied at the Prins Hendrik School (PHS) in Batavia. And continued his education at the Handels Hooge School- a trade school in Rotterdam, the Netherlands from 1921-1932.

Although he was relatively short in the house of his birth, the atmosphere in this house gave him deep memories and played a major role in the formation of his character. Bung Hatta himself was known as a simple, disciplined and punctual figure.

“His friends judge him as a cold, rigid figure, preferring to read books, rather than spending time talking about unimportant things. He is really a hard worker, and very disciplined like his grandfather,” said Susi.

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