Unique! At this vending machine, you can buy delicious canned omelette


Omelette or an omelet is best eaten warm. But this time there is no need to bother, because there are already vending machines that sell omelets in cans.

The sophistication of technology in Japan deserves two thumbs up. Not only in the development of information technology but also in the world of food production.

There are so many unique foods that can be easily found in Japan. Starting from the packaging of different foods, unique artificial flavors to vending machines that provide all kinds of food and drinks that will not be found anywhere else.

One of the most famous foods in Japan is an omelette or Japanese egg roll, which is usually enjoyed as a breakfast menu or as a sushi topping. This time there is a vending machine that sells omelets in unique cans.

Unique!  At this vending machine, you can buy delicious canned omeletteIntrigued by the unique vending machine he met, this man named Sato tried to buy omelets packaged in cans. Photo: Sora News

Quoting via SoraNews24 (30/4), a reporter known as Mr. Sato shared his unique experience of buying food through a vending machine he found on the side of the road. At first, he was just curious about the words ‘Secret Treasure Box’ on the vending machine.

After previously finding canned crickets, this time Sato managed to find dashimaki packaged in cans. This Dashimaki is an egg dish omelette a Japanese specialty which is made through a rolling process to produce a layered omelet roll.

After getting it, Sato said he couldn’t wait to take it home and open it at home. When opened, it turns out that there are two parts of the egg that look like one egg that has been cut in half and then put in a can.

Trying to remove it slowly, Sato was surprised by the egg filling which turned out to be four pieces of omelette. Taking it out of its can, Sato enjoyed this dashimaki as a side dish at mealtime.

Unique!  At this vending machine, you can buy delicious canned omeletteAt first it was unconvincing, but after trying the delicious taste and soft texture, it was no less delicious than a fresh omelette in a restaurant. Photo: Sora News

At first Sato thought the liquid in it was salt liquid to make it last longer, after tasting it, it turned out that the liquid that was soaking the dashimaki in the can was broth, which was very tasty and delicious. The texture of the egg itself is also so soft and no different from the rolled omelette he usually enjoys.

Sato honestly also said that the taste quality was really similar to the omelets served in restaurants as usual. The taste, which turned out to be not much different from a restaurant’s omelette, made Sato believe that if a taste test was conducted without looking, it would be quite difficult to guess the difference between the two.

The price tagged for omelette This canned roll is 550 Yen or the equivalent of Rp. 61 thousand. Contains four pieces of rolled omelette, just adding a bowl of rice seems quite filling.

Sato even said that canned dashimaki can be a complement to enjoying ramen. The thick and generous egg filling will also be enough for two people in one meal.

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