Unique! Side Food Stalls This Time Serves Buyers Using Colleagues


Is at across the river, the way this food stall serves buyers is unique. Use rope pulleys and buckets to deliver food orders.

Even though it is across the river, this food stall does not run out of ideas to offer its wares. Even the shop is viral because of the unique way of serving buyers.

As shared by TikTok user @nurinwaskita. Through his TikTok video, he shows how to order food at the stall opposite the river.

The method is unique, namely using a pulley made of rope and a bucket or better known as a ‘hoist’. The shop is called Warung Kerek Bu Neneng.

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Kerek shop across the riverKerek shop across the river Photo: TikTok @nurinwaskita

Confirmed detikFood (24/05) the shop is located on Jalan Kampung Kabelan, Mampang, South Jakarta. The location is indeed in a village, but it is surrounded by tall buildings.

So no wonder the majority of buyers there are office workers, project workers to security. To order it, at the time barrier there is a menu list that is placed in the bucket.

Buyers can order while shouting, then put money into the bucket. Later, the shop owner will pull the rope to take the money.

If the order is completed, it will be put into a bucket to be given to the buyer by hoist. This method seems to have been done by Neneng since 2014.

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Kerek shop across the riverKerek shop across the river Photo: TikTok @nurinwaskita

There are many menus offered there. Starting from soto betawi, beef soup, gado-gado, pecel catfish, carp, pomfret, chicken pecel, grilled chicken, chicken gepuk, chicken penyet, chicken kremes.

For drinks, a variety of coffee and juices are available. The price is also affordable, starting from only Rp. 12,000. Being on the edge of the river makes this shop often flooded during the rainy season.

The video immediately caught the attention of netizens. Many netizens were amazed by the owner’s unique way roadside stall when serving buyers who are limited in distance.

“The mother of the shop is like living in the next 20 years. The idea is creative,” wrote a netizen.

“I swear it’s really fun to know trying to buy food here,” wrote another netizen.

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