Unique! These are 7 foods that are getting burnt, even more popular


If usually food burnt avoided, not with these foods. There are some foods that when burnt are said to taste even better.

When eating food, of course, you want food that has the right level of maturity. Not too raw or too burnt and turn black in color.

But different from usual, there are some foods that are even more preferable when cooked to very cooked, there is even a scorch on one side. According to some people, the food that is cooked to perfection actually has its own distinctive taste to a more delicious crunchy texture.

It is also possible that there are several other people who deny that these foods have a good taste when cooked until they are charred. Still a debate, what do you think?

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Here are 7 foods that burn even more, according to Buzzfeed (14/3):

Loved when the weather is cold, roasted corn that is cooked until it is slightly charred is very popular and is said to be tastier. Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto/chpua

1. Grilled Corn

When the weather is cold or want a more relaxed snack, grilled corn is often an option. Usually, when making roasted corn, there are some sides that appear to have started to turn black due to the combustion process.

Not set aside, this blackened part is actually much favored by grilled corn lovers. The charred taste is considered to give a different taste among other corn shells that have not been burnt and are still very sweet in taste.

2. Certain vegetables

Besides being sauteed, some dishes are also equipped with grilled vegetables. Vegetables actually only need a short cooking time, so when they go through the roasting process it will usually cause a few charred or blackened parts.

Uniquely, in some vegetables the charred or blackened part due to this roasting process will not be set aside. For example, when you make baked potatoes, sides burnt on the skin or other outer surface will usually provide a more pleasant crunch.

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