Ura! This Ojol writes a message of encouragement to its customers in Russian


Funny incidents between online motorcycle taxi drivers (ojol) and their customers often provoke laughter. This time motorcycle taxi driver give encouragement through food, complete with notes in Russian.

Ordering food online is not only profitable and easy for yourself. The availability of online meal ordering services is also very helpful when you want to send food to relatives who are far away in different cities.

You only need to enter the destination address, order food, you can even insert a short message in the food to be delivered. In some customer experiences, there are not even a few ojol drivers who don’t mind conveying their message directly.

But there are also many motorcycle taxi driver which is too totality when delivering customer orders. Like netizens who share their stories after receiving this message of encouragement that they don’t understand.

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These netizens were confused after receiving an encouraging message from a food delivery driver. Photo: Twitter/txtdrojol

Quoting Twitter @txtdrojol (18/3), a netizen shared his story when he received a food delivery from his intern in the city of Yogyakarta. It turned out that in the food order, his friend also gave a short message in the form of enthusiasm and good prayers for him.

But it’s not just a message of encouragement, there are additional notes that make these netizens confused. Starting from confusion about how to read the writing to confusion because they do not know the meaning of the message.

“I want to tell you. So I got a grabfood delivery from my intern friend in Jogja. He took a note like that, uh, he added the sentence. We were really confused about what it meant, I finally took the initiative to ask the driver. Then he explained it,” wrote the netizen’s statement when sharing small paper photos filled with confusing notes.

On the paper there are notes that are divided into two columns. The top column can be read clearly with the words ‘Happy learning in the new dormitory. May Allah Bless Us (May Allah bless us)’. While there are foreign writings that are even difficult to read at the bottom.

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Ura!  This Ojol writes a message of encouragement to its customers in RussianIt turned out that the message was written in Russian from the driver who claimed to be inspired by Vladimir Putin’s speech. Photo: Twitter/txtdrojol

Explaining messages that customers don’t understand motorcycle taxi driver It added that the additional message was written by him. The driver claimed to be inspired by a speech by the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, in 2019.

The viral fit for Putin due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was revealed to be the reason the motorcycle taxi driver chose a quote from Putin’s speech. According to the driver, the excerpt of the speech contained the spirit to achieve success.

“For the bottom note, I quote from Mr. Vladimir Putin’s speech encouraging the people and his soldiers ‘Brazikowasz sinyom illykiepadidie’ which means ‘look at your victory day, look at your glory. Ura!’, wrote the ojol driver when explaining the meaning of the message he wrote.

Seeing this upload, many netizens made funny comments. When viewed by detikcom (19/3), this tweet from the Twitter account @txtdrojol has been liked by more than 6 thousand people with thousands of replies to netizen comments.

“Immediately given one star for his initiative that violates the Geneva convention of 1949,” wrote the account @rih****.

“Maybe he meant: оздравляю ас ем еликой обеды. (pazdravlyayu vas sjnyom velikoy pabyedy) = I wish you a big victory day. Brazikowasz sinyom illykiepadidie what’s wrong with no Russian language like that” wrote the @Gresch**** account.

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