Used by Jokowi, this local jacket for motorbikes is being hunted abroad


President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) when riding his favorite motorbike often uses locally made apparel. Starting from the helmet to the jacket made by the nation’s children. One of them was when Jokowi rode his motorbike while testing the Mandalika circuit, Lombok Nusa Tenggara, last November 2021.

At that time, Jokowi wore a jacket from Rabbit and Wheels, a motorcycle apparel brand from Bandung, West Java. Jokowi toured the Mandalika circuit with a custom Kawasaki W175 wrapped in Rabbit and Wheels.

Since then, according to Owner Rabbit and Wheels Muhammad Zul Irvan, many are curious about the jacket that Jokowi is wearing. In fact, according to Irvan, the locally made motorbike jacket worn by Jokowi is being hunted by bikers from various countries.

Jokowi's Custom Motorcycle Paved in MandalikaJokowi while driving in Mandalika Photo: Press Bureau of the Presidential Secretariat

Irvan said that Rabbit and Wheels, which has an outlet at Ruko Paskal Hyper Square, Bandung, West Java, wants to prove that brands from Indonesia are not inferior to well-known imported brands that have been present and used by bikers. Although relatively new, Rabbit and Wheels believes they can compete in local and global markets.

“Nothing is impossible, and nothing is impossible if we haven’t tried,” explained Irvan.

Rabbit and Wheels itself sells apparel such as motorsport signature hoodies, motorsport jackets, cityride jackets, signature hoodies, bags, hats, T-shirts, key chains, shiftpads (shoe protectors) and stickers. The price starts from IDR 55 thousand to IDR 2 million.

“We will introduce the Motorsport Signature Hoodie and the National Series Jacket Motorsport Jacket. We will also develop products with anti-bacterial ingredients,” said Irvan.

According to him, Rabbit and Wheels applies the concept of “Ride With Style”, prioritizing safety and being stylish when used. “In addition to being safe to use when riding a motorbike, it can also be used for style,” added the man from Bandung.

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